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Academic Counseling and PreRegistration Session

Academic Counseling and PreRegistration Session. 29 th Company! 0900-1045 Academic Advisors for the 4/C Prof Paul Miller – Naval Architecture Prof Elena Cimpoiasu – Physics Courses, Validations Questions on Validations 1015-1030. TYPICAL PLEBE YEAR. MATHEMATICS (SM). Chemistry (SC).

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Academic Counseling and PreRegistration Session

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  1. Academic Counseling and PreRegistration Session 29th Company! 0900-1045 Academic Advisors for the 4/C Prof Paul Miller – Naval Architecture Prof Elena Cimpoiasu – Physics Courses, Validations Questions on Validations 1015-1030



  4. Chemistry (SC)




  8. First Semester Courses - Class of 2013 Continued

  9. First Semester Courses - Class of 2013 Continued


  11. Academic Advising and Study Skills • Prof Paul Miller – Naval Architecture • Prof Elena Cimpoiasu – Physics

  12. Academic Advising & Study Skills Session Outline Review what we did for Academic Counseling and Registration Session Discuss contents of Academic Handbook Read your Schedules Placement/Validation concerns? Tips for success Answer your questions!

  13. Academic Counseling and Registration Session Review (Done!) Distributed Plebe Academic Handbooks (today) Fall Course Listing Personal Info Sheets Introduce Advisors and our role Introduce Fall Semester Courses Question Period for Validation and Placement

  14. 29th Platoon Initial Thoughts! Major Selection: Engineering (Group 1): 42% Science (Group 2): 22% Humanities (Group 3): 27% Undecided: 9% STEM not at 70%!

  15. 29th Platoon Initial Thoughts! Service Selection: Aviation: 30% Marines: 24% Surface Warfare: 12% Subs: 4% Other(Seals, Med., EOD): 6% Undecided: 26%


  17. Course Numbering Typical Variants: P – Plebe A – Additional help S,A – Honors C – With computers E – For engineers V – Validators X – Foreign Mids Nominal Year: 1 – 4/c 2 – 3/c 3 – 2/c 4 – 1/c Division: E – Engineering S – Science H – History / English F – Poly Sci / Econ / Languages N – Pro Dev / Officer Dev P – Phys Ed SM221P Unique Course Identifier Engineering:Math & Science:Humanities & Social Science: A – Aero / Astro P – Physics E –Econ or English E – ElectricalC – Chemistry H –History M –Mechanical M–Math P –Political Science N –Naval ArchO – Oceanography x –Arabic, Chinese, & Ocean Engr French, German, Japanese, S – Systems I – Computer Science Russian, and Spanish

  18. Reading Your Schedule Title Course Section Meeting Time Bld Room Primary Instructor STATICS EM211 4002 MWF4 BARTON PRINCIPLES OF OCEAN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING EN245 2121 MW2,R12 RI123A,RI125 SCHULTZ NAVIGATION AND PILOTING NN204 1115 MF1,T12 LU013,LU013 DEFILIPPO 3RD CLASS SWIMMING PE201 0132 W1 LJ000 VILLA DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS SM212 6042 MTWF6 TBD DARCHANGELO GENERAL PHYSICS I SP211 3325 MWF3,T34 CH045,CH007 HUDDLE Schedule Total Credits: 17 Free Periods: M 57 T 57 W 57 R 34567 F 257 S 1234567

  19. Reading Your Schedule (Cont’d) Period Day MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 NN204 NN204 PE201 EN245 NN204 2 EN245 NN204 EN245 EN245 3 SP211 SP211 SP211 SP211 4 EM211 SP211 EM211 EM211 5 6 SM212 SM212 SM212 SM212 7 Schedule Matrix

  20. Reading Your Schedule (Cont’d) Date Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Period X0655-0745 Period 10755-0845 Period 20855-0945 Period 30955-1045 Period 41055-1145 LUNCH1200-1300 Period 51330-1420 Period 61430-1520 Period 71530-1620 1630-1730 Questions? Prof. Miller x3-6441 Prof. Cimpoiasu x3-6679 I can send you This Word file electronically so you can include your schedule and reproduce weekly.

  21. Reading Your Schedule(Cont’d, pg 16) Period Normal Ops 2 Hour Delay 4 Hour Delay X 0655-0745 0830-0920 1330-1420 1 0755-0845 0930-1020 Canceled 2 0855-0945 1030-1120 Canceled 3 0955-1045 1230-1320 Canceled 4 1055-1145 1330-1420 Canceled 5 1330-1420 1430-1520 1430-1520 6 1430-1520 1530-1620 1530-1620 7 1530-1620 1630-1720 1630-1720 8 0755-0910 0930-1045 Canceled 9 0955-1110 1230-1345 Canceled 10 1330-1445 1430-1545 1430-1545

  22. Tips for Success(Page 7 of Academic Handbook) Come to class prepared! Read the assignment before class Participate in class – Ask questions – Get the “Big Picture” Take, organize and review notes Do your homework! This is where you learn Start projects/papers as soon as assigned! Study away from distractions (go to Nimitz) Get help early! - Go to your instructor first (EI) Sleep is required too (not in class!) Time management plan Don’t be satisfied with just “sat” Better grades mean more desirable options: Privileges, Major selection, Service selection, etc.

  23. Additional guidance at“Strategies for Academic Success”) Class procedures: Start with “Attention on Deck” & “Seats” Be professional and respectful in class Close with “Attention on Deck” & “Dismissed” Questions? Your success or failure as an officer will be determined by how you use your time! How you finish is determined by how you start. You rarely catch up once behind!

  24. Critical Languages! Important Navy program. Financial incentives for language proficiency. FA101, FC101, FJ101 or FR101 Good academic background (math) DLAB - Defense Language Aptitude Battery Validations are ongoing

  25. Physical Education(not an “academic” course) Fall – PE101 (Male), PE 111 (Female) Personal Conditioning/wellness: Boxing, wrestling,fundamental knowledge for a lifetime of health and physical fitness. Spring - Fall – PE102 (Male), PE 112 (Female) Swimming: 50-meter breaststroke (sixto 11 strokes per 25 meters); 50-meter elementary backstroke (sixto 11 strokes per 25 meters); 5-meter tower jump; 40-foot underwater swim (swim suit); 200-meter swim (five minutes, 12 seconds maximum).

  26. What is next? Computers Books 6 and 12-week exams… Preregistration and Registration for Spring Finals… Then,

  27. Majors for the Class of 2013!

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