a presentation by david penny commercial technical director n.
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A presentation by David Penny, Commercial & Technical Director PowerPoint Presentation
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A presentation by David Penny, Commercial & Technical Director

A presentation by David Penny, Commercial & Technical Director

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A presentation by David Penny, Commercial & Technical Director

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  1. A presentation by David Penny, Commercial & Technical Director

  2. The last mainline Canal to be built – 34 miles linking to the national network

  3. There is more to the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust than you might think ........ • 34 miles of canal • 10% of restored or under restoration • 10 % in active negotiation • £20 million of partnership projects in hand • 1300 members • we lead the way in sustainable income streams to ensure no future liability on central or local government for maintenance or management. • British Waterways report predicts the canal will generate £20 million a year and around 400 jobs

  4. Just a few of our successes to date ........ • A new bridge at Hereford's Roman Road – constructed 32 miles from nearest point of navigation.. • Hereford Retail park - we assisted to secure Retail Consent, gaining £1.5million of developer investment/land on a £10million scheme Restored Lock & Cottage at Oxenhall

  5. Just a few of our successes to date ........ • At Over - section of Canal restored - a contract value of £750k delivered for £65k on site - showing the power of volunteers and private sector working together with public sector facilitation . • Canal Trust secured the crucial Asset Transfer of the shell of The Wharf House which volunteers have transformed into our very own AA Red Rosette Restaurant with Rooms – directly creating employment and enhancing Gloucester’s tourism offer Rebuilt Over Basin & The Wharf House

  6. Just a few of our successes to date ........ • Holmer Trading estate – Canal Trust evidence at Inquiry secured Consent and £1.4million towards canal • Inspector ruled ‘Canal outweighed breach of Employment Policy’ and outweigh 'conflict with the development plan'  Proposed development at Holmer .....Clearly demonstrative of the importance placed on the Canal

  7. And the next phase ........ This demonstrates not only the progression of the Trust but also how we are now moving forward to become a key delivery partner to both public and private sectors. • At Dymock - Planning Application by Canal Trust for 20 houses [15 affordable 5 open market] to enable Canal restoration and package of measures for the village with annual income and percentage of end value to Canal Trust •  At another confidential site the Canal Trust team has total responsibility for securing a £10million commercial development on behalf of the landowner - to deliver Canal/income/large land transfer and percentage of end value Rail bridge restored by Gloucestershire County Council for Canal use in the centre of Dymock

  8. Leading developments for the future ........

  9. ...a little of what working together we have done in the last 12 months....

  10. - you might think this unlikely from a little Canal Charity. Last year we launched a project just outside of the Docks - at Llanthony.... a £7-10 million project to provide:- Hydroelectricity, river management, and a new lock

  11. Llanthony.... andthefuture.... • Deliver maximum energy capture • Deliver a new lock = connects us to the network • Lock with radial gates = flood relief channel  • Inflatable weirs = control and management of the River helping flood relief for Gloucester • Improve navigation in the Parting and into Gloucester Docks = maximising tourism income for the City • Minimise tidal intrusion and silt load at the pumps into Gloucester Docks = dramatically reducing silting of the docks and the River channel reducing maintenance costs • Provision of fish passes ... a win-win for all parties.  

  12. What’s next? • We have a partnership of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire Council working together to help us deliver the funding for consultants • We have Peel Group in support of delivery of the project and as a long term energy customer for their Gloucester Quays development • We have consultants ready to proceed to design and secure all Consents [we already have a positive report for a smaller scheme] • We are very grateful for the support of British Waterways/C&RT • We will be focussed on continuing working with the Environment Agency and others to meet the challenges and ensure the improvement of the River from all perspectives as part of the project

  13. ....with support and facilitation from the public sector the little Canal Charity will be delivering a UK leading Hydro project where all the income is reinvested for the local just one of many projects currently in hand...... Thank You ...