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Liverpool Hope

Liverpool Hope. The Potential of Atlantic Gateway. ‘If anywhere in the UK can develop the critical mass and momentum to become an alternative growth pole to London, it is Atlantic Gateway’ Lord Heseltine and Sir Terry Leahy

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Liverpool Hope

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  1. Liverpool Hope

  2. The Potential of Atlantic Gateway • ‘If anywhere in the UK can develop the critical mass and momentum to become an alternative growth pole to London, it is Atlantic Gateway’ Lord Heseltine and Sir Terry Leahy • By 2030, there is the potential for some 250,000 new jobs to be created in the Atlantic Gateway area and around 140,000 of these jobs will be associated with Atlantic Gateway priority projects, involving £14 billion of new, mainly private sector investment.

  3. What is it? • Not a defined place • Series of growth points that have regional or national significancefor jobs and growth • Links 4 Enterprise Zones across 3 LEPs • Provides ‘additionality’ • Operates ‘pan LEP’ • Aims to accelerate growth in the North • Aims to achieve a good flow of skills across growing sectors and across the Gateway area

  4. Atlantic Gateway Area

  5. Current Challenges • Sluggish economic growth over the past few years • North West more vulnerable than the South East. BUT • Rebalancing of economy a coalition priority. Private sector investment a priority. AG can help • Recent infrastructure announcements very positive, eg Northern Hub • Government support Atlantic Gateway • Clear confidence in the Atlantic Gateway to deliver, eg EIB loan, chancellor visit to Liverpool 2 • Port Salford’sWestern Gateway Infrastructure Scheme (WGIS) started, Liverpool 2 started

  6. AG Role • Private sector led, but includes representation across the 3 LEPs. Also, EA and UU represented • Not a delivery body, but one whose role is to act as a vehicle for maximisinginvestment,across the whole of the Atlantic Gateway area. • 3 Local LEPs across the AG area, based around functional economic areas, but cutting across the three of them is a major communication and freight artery (the Ship Canal/ Mersey) which also connects the North West's three Enterprise Zones and other major investment opportunities • To fully exploit the prospects for growth in this area, the Atlantic Gateway partnership has been formed to put together an integrated strategy for the corridor within the context of the plans that each LEP has for the development of their areas.

  7. AG Role • The Atlantic Gateway does not concern itself with that which is already happening, but where it can add value across a wider area. • The Atlantic Gateway Partnership is not a duplication of LEPs, but moreover it works with LEPs and other administrative bodies to identify cross boundary issues, eg. The Northern Hub. Given that every Atlantic Gateway project has regional significance and influence, this role is a crucial one for the partnership. • We also have an important role to influence the decision takers and policy makers in Government and to encourage and support collaborative working across influencing bodies

  8. Defining Themes Growth Connectivity Infrastructure Sustainability

  9. Sectors • Transport • Logistics • Science • Energy • Low carbon Economy

  10. Priorities • The expansion of the port and canal network • Further development of scientific facilities and collaborative centres at Sci-Tech Daresbury • The Northern Hub

  11. Progress on Priorities • EIB announce £150m for Liverpool 2. Fantastic news for regional economy. Construction has begun • Media City phase 1 complete • Chancellor has visited 2 AG projects- L2 and Media City • Port Bridgewater to start construction early 2013 • Northern Hub to be funded in full. Excellent news for passengers, freight and the economy • WGIS scheme for Port Salford has started construction. • Community Environment Fund being administered • Halton Bridge included in top 100 infrastructure projects • Sci Tech Darebury successful RGF bid

  12. Developing Future Priorities Ask the following questions: • Do they fit well with the above themes and sectors? • Can the partnership actively influence their delivery in the short and medium term? • Can they demonstrate their contribution to jobs and growth?

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