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  1. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective Casual showing little concern; informal Synonym: Antonym: relaxed serious I got in trouble over a casual comment I made about Jenna’s hair; I didn’t think she’d get so mad about it!

  2. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective Corrupt not honest; willing to abuse power Synonym: Antonym: crooked Honest, crooked The judge was totally corrupt: He took money from the mob and made it impossible to throw a mobster in jail.

  3. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb Covet to desire eagerly or wrongfully, without thinking about the rights of others Synonym: Antonym: crave dislike Word used in a sentence Jordan won a trip to Disneyland, a prize that we all coveted.

  4. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective relying on another person for help or support, or relying on something in order for something else to happen Dependent Synonym: Antonym: reliant independent Sounds Like: Word used in a sentence To go to the movies, we’re dependent on my mom to give us a ride.

  5. to please or satisfy Parts of Speech: verb Gratify Synonym: Antonym: Make happy disappoint Sounds Like: Word used in a sentence We were gratified to learn that we had an extra weekend to finish our science projects.

  6. Definition: Parts of Speech: verb Insinuate to suggest or hint slyly Synonym: Antonym: imply conceal I know you’re not saying it outright, but are you insinuating that I’m stupid?

  7. Definition: Parts of Speech: adjective Noteworthy worthy of notice; outstanding because of some special excellence Synonym: Antonym: exceptional, extraordinary common, ordinary Most of the lyrics the rapper spit were unoriginal, but there were a few noteworthy lines.

  8. Al Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters of the 1920s. Parts of Speech: Notorious Synonym: Antonym: infamous Definition: adjective unknown widely known because of bad behavior

  9. It is well known that criminals sometimes commit perjury, but some police officers have also been caught lying to a judge or jury. Parts of Speech: Perjury Synonym: Antonym: Definition: lying in a court of law after taking an oath not to lie noun Disception, Lying Honest

  10. The magician instructed me to choose a random number between 1 and 100. Parts of Speech: Random by chance; not planned or prearranged; irregular Synonym: Antonym: adjective unplanned deliberate

  11. Definition: Parts of Speech: adverb Simultaneously existing, occurring, or operating at the same time Synonym: Antonym: concurrently seperately Charly claims he can do his homework while simultaneously talking on the phone.

  12. 1. a situation or state of affairs 2. position relative to that of others; standing Parts of Speech: Status Synonym: Antonym: 1.Condition, state 2.Rank, worth Definition: 1. The status of our field trip to the zoo was up in the air when we weren’t able to raise enough money. 2. Amy worked hard to improve her status in society. noun

  13. Ludacris has given a substantial amount of money to charities. Parts of Speech: adjective Substantial Synonym: Antonym: Definition: Significant large, important; major Small, minor

  14. The real tragedy of Hurricane Katrina was that the government was so slow to act. Parts of Speech: Tragedy Synonym: Antonym: Definition: a thing or event that is disastrous or terrible noun Catastrophe Success

  15. When my brother left for college, we all felt the void at the dinner table. Parts of Speech: Void empty or unfilled space Synonym: Antonym: noun nothingness filled