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Dining Out

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Dining Out

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  1. Dining Out Rachel Tenney

  2. Introduction & Dining Out Trivia • Review Dining Out and Health Facts • Discuss Barriers to Eating at Home • Dollars and Sense • Barriers to Healthier Dining Out • Dining Out Tips • Practice Makes Perfect: Menu Planning • Goals and Action Plans Overview

  3. Which Friday’s appetizer has more calories? Spinach Florentine Flatbread Tuscan Spinach Dip WINNER!!! Calories: 1110 Calories: 440 Dining Out Trivia

  4. Which Applebees dinner item has more calories? Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad Firepit Bacon Burger WINNER!!! Calories: 1290 (2290 mg sodium) Calories: 1130 (1980 mg of Sodium) Dining Out Trivia

  5. Which Chili’s dessert has more calories? Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie Brownie Sundae IT’S NEARLY A TIE!! Dining Out Trivia Both desserts contain an outrageous 1250-1290 calories!! That’s more calories than the high calorie salad at Applebees!

  6. If you were to consume all three courses in one meal, you would eat a total of 3,680 calories. • That’s nearly double the recommended amount of calories for one day’s worth of meals!! • Fact: • 3500 calories = • 1 pound of weight Total Dining Out Experience: (This total doesn’t include any alcohol consumption)

  7. People consume more at restaurants than they do at home. • Away-from-home foods generally contain more of the nutrients overconsumed and less of the nutrients underconsumed by Americans. • According to a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people who ordered dishes advertised as healthy consumed 56 more calories throughout their meal than those who had more indulgent entrees. Dining Out Facts

  8. The increased popularity of dining out may make it more difficult to improve the overall nutritional quality of diets. • A study in 2001 revealed a positive correlation among black women between restaurant consumed meals and an increase in Type 2 Diabetes. • A 15-year follow-up study of both black and white men and women showed a significant association between frequency of visits to fast-food restaurants and increases in body weight and insulin resistance. Dining Out Facts

  9. Why do We Dine Out So Much?

  10. Time • Easy • Tired at end of long day • Clean up • Dinner decisions • Don’t know how to cook • Cost (Fast food is cheaper) • Social Influences/Special Occasions • Everyone can find something they like Barriers to Eating at Home

  11. Meal for four at McDonald’s Per serving Happy Meal Hamburger Cost: $3.00 - $4.00 Calories: 470 Fat: 16g (3g saturated) Sodium: 690 mg Mighty Kids Chicken Nuggets Cost: $3.59 - $4.09 Calories: 630 Fat: 32g (6g saturated) Sodium: 830 mg Big Mac Value Meal Cost: $5.69 x 2 parents Calories: 1140 Fat: 48g (13g saturated) Sodium: 1280 mg Dollars and Sense: Total Cost for a Family of Four: ~$19.50

  12. Dinner for four at Home (Cooking Time: 20-30 mins) Brown Rice Cost: $0.18/serving Calories: 216 calories Fat: 1.8 grams (0.4 sat fat) Sodium: 10 mg Grilled Lean Chicken Breast Cost: $1.00/4 oz serving Calories: 110 Fat: 2.5 grams (0.5 g sat fat) Sodium: Depends on seasoning Steamfresh Green Beans Cost: $0.92/serving Calories: 35 Fat: 0 g Sodium: 0 g Dollars and Sense: Total Calories per serving: 361 Total Cost for a Family of Four: ~$8.40

  13. McDonald’s vs. Home Made Meal Total Cost: ~$8.40 Calories: 361 Fat: 4.3 g Saturated Fat: 0.9 g Sodium: 10 - ? Time w/ Cleanup: 30 minutes Total Cost: ~$19.50 Calories: 690 – 1140 Fat: 16 to 48 g Saturated Fat: 3 to 13 g Sodium: 690 – 1280 mg Time w/ Drive: 5 – 30 minutes Dollars and Sense: Is the few minutes saved worth the added calories and cost?

  14. Why don’t we choose healthier foods at restaurants?

  15. Taste • Social Influences • Lack of knowledge (serving size, nutrition info, how items are prepared) • Everything is already prepared “as is” • Alcohol consumption Barriers to Healthy Dining Out

  16. Don’t be afraid to special order. • Ask for sauces and dressing on the side. • Ask for a take home box when you order and immediately box up half of the meal for lunch or dinner tomorrow. • Skip the salt shaker. • Avoid eating “mindless calories” • Hold the bread • Ask for a fruit, or veggie substitute for chips • Drink water instead of soda Dining Out Tips

  17. Be mindful of beverages, sugary and alcoholic. • Eat slowly and enjoy conversation. • Adjust portion size • Share dinner • Appetizer for main course • Split french fries, or dessert with the table • Look for easy substitutes • Ex: black beans vs. refried, filet vs. porterhouse Dining Out Tips

  18. ……and the #1 Dining Out Tip: PLAN AHEAD Dining Out Tips

  19. Practice Makes PerfectMenu Planning Group Activity

  20. This week, challenge yourself to eat one more meal at home.  Also, commit to look up nutritional information before dining out and pre-plan meals. While dining out, promise to limit alcoholic beverages to 1 serving for women and 2 servings for men. Write a Goal, Make a Plan

  21. For more healthy dining out tips, visit Thank You