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  1. Tobias Nilsson VIE_SETUP

  2. VieVS User Workshop 2010 What does VIE_SETUP do? Creates the process_list (saved in WORK directory): Contains the names of the sessions to be processed. Creates parameter files (one for each session, saved in DATA/LEVEL0): Contains what models etc. to be used. Option for VIE_LSM Creates the runp (saved in WORK directory): What parts of vievs should be run (VIE_INIT, VIE_MOD etc.) Names of the OPT and outlier directories. Names of subdirectories where data is saved.

  3. The first VIE_SETUP GUI • Select sessions to be processed. • Select a predefined parameter file • Select which part of VieVS to run • Select subdirectories for saving data, OPT file directory, and outlier directory. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  4. 1st GUI Select if you whether to analyse observed (real) or simulated data. Select the year of the session you want to analyse VieVS User Workshop 2010

  5. 1st GUI Select the session you want to analyse VieVS User Workshop 2010

  6. 1st GUI The session will appear in this list. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  7. 1st GUI You can select several sessions to analyse. To remove a session from the list, click on the session. To clear the list, click on clear. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  8. 1st GUI Here you can choose predefined lists of session (e.g. for cont02, cont05, cont08 etc.). These are the lists stored in the WORK/ PROCESSLIST/ directory VieVS User Workshop 2010

  9. 1st GUI Select a predefined parameter file. These are those stored in the WORK/ PARMETERS directory. DEFAULT: Use default options (need to be changed). CURRENT: Uses the same parameter file as was used the last time you processed the session. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  10. 1st GUI Do you want to change the options? Modelling options: Options for VIE_INIT and VIE_MOD. LSM options: options for VIE_LSM. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  11. 1st GUI Name of subdirectory where data will be saved. If specified to SUBDIR, data will be saved in DATA/LEVELX/ SUBDIR/ VieVS User Workshop 2010

  12. 1st GUI Which directory of OPT-files do you want to use? The list contains the directories in DATA/OPT VieVS User Workshop 2010

  13. 1st GUI Which directory should the outliers be read from/saved in? The list contains the directories of DATA/OUTLIER VieVS User Workshop 2010

  14. 1st GUI Which parts of VieVS should be run? VieVS User Workshop 2010

  15. 1st GUI When ready, click on OK. VieVS User Workshop 2010

  16. mod_qu GUI • Options for VIE_INIT and VIE_MOD • More information in respective presentations VieVS User Workshop 2010

  17. mod_qu GUI VIE_INIT options VieVS User Workshop 2010

  18. mod_qu GUI VIE_MOD options VieVS User Workshop 2010

  19. LSM GUI's VieVS User Workshop 2010