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Silk Bed Sheets

La Blonde Gitane is offering silk bed sheets in Hong Kong. The silk bed sheets are very comfortable and the material is so soft. Make an order online on https://lablondegitanehk.com/<br>

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Silk Bed Sheets

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  1. Why Are Silk Bed Sheets Perfect and Best to Use? The bedsheets made up of silk are in high demand among the people. The production of silk is carried by the cultivation of silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. These silkworms form a cocoon around themselves when they reach their pupating phase. These cocoons are collected and transferred to the hot boiling water. It separates the silk thread and forms a long trail of fibers. For avoiding the fibril tangling, these filaments are in need to spin around the spindle. This silk fiber is then useful to produce distinctive varieties of products such as silk sarees, silk handlooms, luxury silk bed sheets, silk pillowcases, and much more. Silk is a very soft material with many qualities. Its applications are quite preferable among people. Below are the reasons why silk is famous over other products such as cotton, satin, or jute - 1.Wear and Tear: The silk fabric has perfect wear and tear capacity. Its durability is much better than other strands. It enables the silk products to last for a long time duration without getting damaged. Silk bed sheets, thus, are found for a longer lifespan making it a complete qualitative and valuable product. 2.Strength: The strength of silk fiber is famous as the highest among the strands known to date. In the cases of heavy-duty stretching, and pulling the fibers, silk neither breaks nor the fabric is damaged. It is also one of the reasons that pure silk bedding sets are useful on a large scale. Bedsheets can stay in an appreciable condition for a longer time. 3.Smooth Texture: Often, nothing goes in comparison to the softness of silk, and it is because silk is the softest known fiber. The softness of the silk provides an alluring experience. Thus, Silk bed sheets are preferable over any other fabric. 4.Resistance: Silk fibers have high resistance towards wrinkles. It retains its texture and does not get wrinkled even with a heavy work duty. The not wrinkling quality of silk bed sheets is what makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms. The fiber of silk also possesses a resistance against crushing, which makes them ideal for curtains. 5.Best for Hair: Silk fabric is so soft that the fibers of silk do not get tangled with the hair. On the other hand, cotton and other materials are liable to produce Email, Facebook, Instagram

  2. static electricity. So when rubbed - this can increase the hair fall. Using pure silk bedding sets and pillowcases can help reduce hair fall. Due to limited production and difficult to make processes, the cost of the silk is very high. The high rate of silk doesn’t stop silk lovers from purchasing it.Silk bed sheets and silk sarees are available on a large scale due to the high demands of these products. For more details, visit La Blonde Gitane Email, Facebook, Instagram

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