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Let’s Think About It! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Think About It!

Let’s Think About It!

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Let’s Think About It!

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  1. Let’s Think About It! Topic: Voting Year 6P Activity for Students Information for Teachers

  2. A Bill has been put forward to lower the voting age of Australian citizens from 18 to 16. There has been a tremendous amount of debate about this. To help solve the issue, your local government is approaching students, such as yourselves, from all over the state to ask what they think. Let’s think about it! NEXT

  3. Click on the tracks to start thinking! What is it? Feelings Bright Side Knowledge Down Side Ten Thinking Tracks Improvements We- Think Is it fair? Thought Police I-Think

  4. What is it? Feelings Bright Side Knowledge Down Side Ten Thinking Tracks Improvements We- Think Is it fair? Thought Police I-Think DONE

  5. Track 1 • What is it? • Clearly state the issue. • What would this look like in real life?

  6. Track 2 • Knowledge • What do we already know about this? • What do we need to know more • about, and how can we find this out? • Is this similar to anything we already know about?

  7. Track 3 • The Bright Side • What are the good aspects of this? • What positives could come out of this? • What good opportunities could this provide?

  8. Track 4 • The Down Side • What are the not-so-good • aspects of this? • What problems could possibly • arise? What is it? Hgjhkl Hvhjhg hgvjhgjhg

  9. Track 5 • Feelings • How does this make you feel? (use feeling words, such as ‘pleased’, ‘excited’, ‘worried’) • How might this affect the feelings of any of the people involved?

  10. Track 6 • Improvements • What changes could make this better? • What could be added, removed, reduced or altered to improve it? What is it? Hgjhkl Hvhjhg hgvjhgjhg

  11. Track 7 • Thought Police • Have we made any assumptions that could be challenged? • Are we using trustworthy source of evidence? • Do we have enough evidence for what we have been saying?

  12. Track 8 • Is it fair? • Are there any moral dilemmas involved? • Have we considered the impact on people of all ages? • Are there any parts of this which aren’t fair for one gender? • Are there any big-picture or global issues which need to be considered?

  13. Track 9 • I-Think • What opinion does each one of us have and why? • ‘I think.....because.....’

  14. Track 10 • We - Think • What is our decision when we • put our ideas together and negotiate? • What are our main reasons for this decision? • Can we sum up the opposite point of view and the arguments for it?

  15. NSW Syllabus Outcomes HSIE: SSS3.8 - Explains the structures, roles, responsibilities and decision-making processes of State and federal governments, and explains why Australians value fairness and socially just principles Integrate the English KLA by writing an exposition with the decision made at the end of this activity. Resources: Microsoft Office Clip Art Collection References: Board of Studies NSW (2006). Human Society and Its Environment K-6 Syllabus. Sydney: Board of Studies, NSW. McGrath, H. And Noble, T. (2005). Eight Ways at Once: Book One. Sydney: Pearson Education.