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Maria Teresa Prat

Maria Teresa Prat

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Maria Teresa Prat

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  1. TRANSLATION SEMINAR 2011-12For the Course “The discourse of tourism across genres ”, Alessandro Sabatini Maria Teresa Prat

  2. If you attend this seminar, you can only miss one class Every THURSDAY or FRIDAY from 10 to 12, CLIFU, Aula Multimediale, until the first week of May . NO LESSONS ON 5 AND 6 APRIL (EASTER HOLIDAYS) AND ON 12 AND 13 APRIL (because I am taking part in a conference) Lesson 1 Introduction to the course : resources and translation strategies TEXTS • Text 1 “Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Bodmin Moor”, • Text 2 “ Introducing Turin “ (and “ Thorn Tree Travel Forum”) from The Lonely Planet website • Text 3 “How to deal with bites and stings (while travelling in Asia)” from The Lonely Planet website • Text 4 “Introducing England”, from the Lonely Planet Website • Text 5 “Adventure touring. Tour India’s Golden Triangle” • Text 6. “Oversight of Cruise Lines at Issue after Disaster”, by Steve Erlanger , The New York Times, January 17, 2012 • Text 7 “Sustainable Tourism”, from the Website of the European Travel Commission TIMETABLE AND CONTENTS

  3. Regular attenders are required to read and translate the set texts, partly in class under the teacher’s guidance and partly at home. They should prepare a dossier containing the original texts and their typed traslations in Italian on the opposite page. They will be evaluated on their participation to the seminar discussion, on their ability to read aloud and translate the texts correctly and effectively, and on their awareness of the translation strategies adopted. Final individual “colloqui” will take place during the summer session. This evaluation will substitute the written exam and will contribute to the final exam mark. Methodology and evaluation

  4. DOSSIER For each text write a short introduction which contains: • the source and the author( if identifiable) , the text type, or genre,(e.g. leaflet, brochure, newspaper article, guidebook, official document ) and its general purpose(s) (e.g. informative, promotional, argumentative, descriptive, narrative) • Some observations on : • the register of the text in terms of field (topic e.g. Turin today. Sustainable Tourism), tenor ( e.g. formal, informal, personal, impersonal) and mode (e.g. written, in electronic form) • the organization of the text ( e.g. graphic and iconic features, sections, paragraphs, types of sentences) and the ways in which cohesion is achieved ( e.g. connectors, lexical cohesion, reference) • the vocabulary which is particularly meaningful (e.g. semantic fields, collocations, idioms, metaphors, word play, cultural references) • the major translation problems that you have encountered and the strategies and resources that you have used to sort them out. HOW TO ANALYSE A TEXT AND ITS TRANSLATION

  5. Different types of dictionay (e.g. paper or electronic fomat, general or specialised, monolingual or bilingual) Encyclopaedias and specialised literature The Internet (always check the reliability of websites) RESOURCES AVAILABLE in the faculty library or/and on line

  6. More British-oriented • Simpson, J.A., Weiner, E.S.C. (eds.) (1989 2nd edition) The Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles, Oxford: Claredon Press, vols. 20. + supplements (also on CD-ROM and as an online version) • Brown, L. ed. (1993), The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford: Clarendon, 2 vols. , also on CD-ROM edition American-oriented • Gove, P., B. (ed.) (1993) Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Springfield (MASS): Merriam-Webster Inc., Vols. 3. Unabridged Monolingual Dictionaries, to be used for rare or archaic words or meanings

  7. (always choose the most recent edition) • Hornby, A. S. (ed.), Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English, Oxford: Oxford University Press. • Sinclair, J. (ed.), Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary, London: Collins. • Procter, P. (ed.), Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. • O'Kill, B. (associated), Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Harlow: Longman. • Macmillan, English Dictionary for Advanced LearnersOxford:Macmillan. General Monolingual Learner's Dictionaries

  8. (always choose the most recent edition) • Collins-Mondadori, Nuovo Dizionario Inglese: inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese, Milano: Harper Collins publishers. • Oxford Paravia, Dizionario inglese italiano, italiano inglese,Torino: Paravia. • Hazon, M., Il nuovo dizionario: inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese, Milano: Garzanti. • Picchi, F., Grande Dizionario Inglese-Italiano Italiano-Inglese, Milano: Hoepli. • Ragazzini, G., Dizionario Inglese Italiano Italiano-Inglese, Bologna: Zanichelli. General Bilingual (English-Italian) Dictionaries

  9. Specialised Bilingual Dictionaries (always choose the most recent edition) • Chiampo, L. (a cura di) , (1988), Il Gould-Chiampo. Dizionario enciclopedico di medicina. Inglese-italiano. Italiano-Inglese, Bologna:Zanichelli • Codeluppi L., A Dictionary of business English. English-Italian,Italian-English. Dizionario Commerciale, Firenze: Le Monnier, ultima edizione • Delfino G. et al. , (1990), Biologia e medicina/Biology and medicine. Dizionario Enciclopedico di Scienze biologiche e mediche, Bologna: Zanichelli • Delfino. G. et al. (1997), Dizionario Enciclopedico di Scienze Mediche e Biologiche e di Biotecnologie on Cd-ROM, Bologna: Zanichelli • Il McGraw-Hill Zanichelli, (1998), Dizionario Enciclopedico Scientifico e Tecnico, Bologna: Zanichelli (anche in CdROM) • Marolli, G. (1996) , Dizionario tecnico, Hoepli: Milano • Parker S.P. and Edigeo ed. , (1998), Dizionario enciclopedico Scientifico e Tecnico on CdROM, Bologna: Zanichelli • Picchi, Fernando, (2001), Economics and Business. Dizionario enciclopedico economico e commerciale inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese, Bologna: Zanichelli, ultima edizione ( anche on CdROM) • West’s Law and Commercial Dictionary. Dizionario giuridico e commerciale. Inglese-italiano-spagnolo-francese-tedesco, Bologna: Zanichelli, 1988

  10. 1. The Free Dictionary by Farlex, run by a private American company, allows the consultation of many general and specialised dictionaries and encyclopaedias in many different languages, including Italian. 2. Free cross-referenced definitions, spelling correction, and word searches from WordNet, Webster's, FOLDOC, and a variety of specialized sources 3. Online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, list of dictionaries for Italian, free • :; Websites listing several dictionaries

  11. WORDNET: a lexical database for English run by Princeton University (US), organised according to sense relations ( Synonymy, antonymy etc). Can be downloaded and used freely. There is also a version for Italian, see • The website of Oxford Paravia, where you can consult the bilingual Oxford Paravia Concise and The monolingual Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. It is free but you are required to register. • The website of Cambridge dictionaries Free • The website of The Webster dictionaries , of American English. Free • The website of HOEPLI Dictionaries free but registration is required • OALD, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary www.olad8. free • MACMILLAN English Dictionary for Advanced Learners English dictionaries on line

  12. Treccani • • Wikipedia (in the English version) • Britannica online Always check different sources of information Encyclopaedias and reference works

  13. IATE is the European Commission's multilingual database containing technical and specialised terminology (agriculture, telecommunications, transport, legislation, finance) related to EU policy. Free access The European multilingual database

  14. COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE (see the CLIFU list) • AVAILABLE ON THE WEB - Sketchengine, YOU CAN REGISTER FOR A FREE 30-DAY TRIAL PERIOD - Webcorpus, ( Birmingham University, GB) - Mark Davis’s web site (Brigham Young University, USA) TYPES OF CORPORA

  15. 1. International Corpus of English: British 2.East Africa 3. Singapore 4. New Zealand 2 ICAME Collection of English Language Corpora: • Written: • Brown Corpus untagged / tagged • LOB Corpus untagged / tagged • Freiburg-LOB (FLOB) • Freiburg-Brown (Frown) • Kolhapur Corpus (India) • Australian Corpus of English (ACE) • Wellington Corpus (New Zealand) • Spoken: • London Lund Corpus • Lancaster/IBM Spoken English Corpus (SEC) • Corpus of London Teenage Language (COLT) • Wellington Spoken Corpus (New Zealand) 3. Historical: • The Helsinki Corpus of English Texts: Diachronic Part • The Helsinki Corpus of Older Scots • Corpus of Early English Correspondance, sampler • The Newdigate Newsletters • Lampeter Corpus • Innsbruck Computer-Archive of Machine-Readable English Texts (ICAMET) 4. British National Corpus (BNC) 5. International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE) 6 PIXI (Italian/English service encounters in bookshops) Corpora in CLIFU