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Student Information Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Student Information System (SIS) is a centralized database system where entire information about students can be stored, retrieved, and analyzed systematically. Hosted on the cloud, the student management software allows role-based login access to students & assists the institutions to maintain complete student data security.

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Student Information Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. Student Information Management System PRESENTED BY MASTERSOFT ERP SOLUTION PVT. LTD.

  2. ABOUT KEY TAKEAWAYS • Helps enhance the performance of every student by analyzing the performance of each student using competent analytic tools such as a dashboard. • Education ERP completely and efficiently eliminates the need of faculty members to spend a considerable amount of time in compiling student data. • Cost effective and time saving. • Empowers staffs by training them and helping them become innovative educators. • Institutions can collect, manage, access, and analyze the entire institutional data with ease. • With streamlined in-house processes & accurate institutional reports in hand, educators can make smart decisions which will eventually increase institutional efficiency and give highest ROI. Student Information System (SIS) is a fully computerized system or a database where all the student related data can be stored, retrieved, monitored & analyzed. The data is saved at a centralized location & role-based login access is given to all the stakeholders for ensuring student data security. Functionalities like registration, admission, billing, financial aid provision to students make the entire process of enrollment quick, systematic & error-free

  3. Benefits To The Institution

  4. Benefits To The Students:

  5. Benefits To The Parents:

  6. MOBILE APPLICATION BENEFITS • Mobile enablement of the institute. • Ease of access for both the students and lecturers and also the parents. • Increase the parents teacher engagement. • Increase the student performance with real time review of data by parents and teachers due to ease of accessibility. • ERPs like MasterSoft comes in android and cross platform version suitable to run on IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile OS. • Time table updates and portal for student grievances. • Reminders through push notifications and other dashboard features to keep track of performances. With the increased usage of mobile phones, there exits an increasing demand for mobile applications. From shopping to food orders, everything can now be accessible via phone. To meet the similar interests of users in the educational domain, mobile based educational ERP are now being introduced.

  7. Online Fee Payment

  8. CLOUD BASED ERP • BENEFIT • It removes the need for Institutions to own hardware and other associated computing infrastructure which reduces cost. • Pay only for the resource that is needed. In this case, institutions have the option to choose the module that fits well for their institute and thereby save resources and makes it cost effective. • Inbuilt recovery plan as the SIMS has a auto backup feature to store the data. • Cloud based so, it can be easily accessible from any remote corner of the world. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software used by companies to manage their data across organizations. A cloud based ERP is a software as a service wherein the service is being leased instead of purchasing it. The user can subscribe to the services via internet.

  9. Cloud Based Higher Education Management Software

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