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INTERPOL Activities and tools for fighting global vehicle crime

INTERPOL Activities and tools for fighting global vehicle crime. Criminal Organizations and Drugs Sub-Directorate Stolen Motor Vehicles. Databases. Project FORMATRAIN. INTERPOL Task Force on Stolen Motor Vehicles.

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INTERPOL Activities and tools for fighting global vehicle crime

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  1. INTERPOLActivities and tools for fighting global vehicle crime Criminal Organizations and Drugs Sub-Directorate Stolen Motor Vehicles

  2. Databases Project FORMATRAIN INTERPOL Task Force on Stolen Motor Vehicles

  3. 126 countries regularly upload their national search data on stolen motor vehicles to ASF – SMV (Automated Search Facility - Stolen Motor Vehicles) Current statistics: close to 7,3 million stolen vehicles stored over 77 million searches by 155 countries in 2012 (2011: about 40 million by 154 countries) almost 93.000 recorded hits in 2012 (2011: about 42.000)

  4. Project FORMATRAIN

  5. Aim  Creating and organizing standardized training on vehicle crime for worldwide use  Providing and coordinating training activities  Compiling and maintaining training material and related information on secure IP website (I 24/7)

  6. Working group members France Germany Hong Kong Italy Netherlands Spain South Africa Switzerland United Kingdom USA Austria Belgium Canada Estonia Finland Supported by: INTERPOLRegional Bureaus

  7. Agenda • Regional trainingby international expert team, including: •  Threedaysoflessons in • Identificationofvehicles • Identification of international documents • Investigation techniques • International cooperation •  Twodaysofoperationaspracticalexcercise

  8. Operation  administrative, technical and organizational planning  support during the operation (e.g. advisor, observer)  assessmentand analysis of the operation  coordination of follow-up measures

  9. Results 2007 – 2013: 21 training sessions About 600 officers trained

  10. Future possibility A training program for law enforcement officials focusing on heavy goods transport

  11. Task Force on Stolen Motor Vehicles (ITFSMV)

  12. The ITFSMV was setup in 2009 after positive feedbacktoINTERPOL‘s operational supportofvehicleoperations Objectives:  Offeringoperational supportfor national lawenforcementagencies (on request)  Lendingexpertiseandtools(e.g. accessto different national databases)  Establishing a networkofvehicleexperts

  13. Members ITFSMV includes law enforcement officialsas well as members from the private sector from the following countries: Austria France Poland Spain Belgium Germany Finland Italy Sweden Switzerland

  14. Outcomes  10 operationssupported (Balkans, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain)  Over 10.000vehicleschecked  Over 110stolenvehiclesidentifiedandseized • Around50suspectsarrested • (not exclusively in relationtovehiclecrimes) Currently, ITFSMVsupportsuptothreeoperations per year

  15. Challenges • Lack of resources (funds, personnel) • Lack of reliabledata • Rapid development of modern technology • Lack of global standards • Differing national policies

  16. Possible solutions Preventive measures (e.g. identification and localisation of secure parking areas in relation toheavy goods transport) Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) (e.g. collaboration on specialized training initiatives forheavy goods transport)

  17. IPSG Lyon / France INTERPOL Global Conference on Vehicle Crime 26 – 28 November 2013

  18. Thank you for your attention Any questions???

  19. SMV Contacts SCA / DCO ICPO – Interpol 200 Quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon / France Renato Schipani Tel: +33 (0) 472 44 5738 Fax: +33 (0) 472 44 7632 r.schipani@interpol.int Sebastian Schmucker Tel: +33 (0) 472 44 7662 Fax: +33 (0) 472 44 7632 s.schmucker@interpol.int

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