promotion and activities of the global compact by cec n.
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Promotion and Activities of the Global Compact by CEC PowerPoint Presentation
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Promotion and Activities of the Global Compact by CEC

Promotion and Activities of the Global Compact by CEC

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Promotion and Activities of the Global Compact by CEC

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  1. Promotion and Activities of the Global Compact by CEC Wang Yijie China Enterprises Confederation / China Enterprise Directors Association Regional meeting of Global Compact Network Focal Point: Asia United Nations Conference Center Bangkok, Thailand 2-4 April 2007

  2. As the employer organization of China and as an important business association, CEC/CEDA is devoted to promoting principles of Global Compact and CSR among Chinese enterprises.

  3. The goals for CEC/CEDA promoting principles of Global Compact and CSR among Chinese enterprises

  4. construction of socialist market economy • sustainable development and social development • safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers • protecting environment • reasonably allocating resources • maintaining credit standing • improving employment • enhancing community stability

  5. CEC became the first national employer organization in the world to support “Global Compact”, and plays an key role in promoting “Global Compact” in China

  6. CEC actively encourages, supports and helps Chinese enterprises to participate in “Global Compact”, urges Chinese enterprises to grasp this opportunity to incorporate the concept of CSR into the operation of business along with the efforts to run their business well, so that Chinese enterprises can set up good corporate image, improve their status internationally and get opportunity to involve themselves in international affairs.

  7. CEC‘s outstanding achievements in promoting “Global Compact” has been fully recognized by the UN

  8. On January 20 of 2002, Secretary General of UN Mr. Annan wrote a letter to President of CEC Mr. Chen Jinhua in which he highly commended CEC’s contribution.

  9. Promotion Activities of Global Compact principles and CSR shouldering by CEC/CEDA in China

  10. On December 8 of 2001, CEC co-organized “Chinese Business in the New World” seminar with UN in Beijing.

  11. From 2001 to 2002, CEC translated, edited and published series of papers and case study books like “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “CSR for Multinationals”, cooperating with the UN.

  12. On September 27 of 2002, CEC co-organized “Social Responsibility for Chinese Entrepreneurs in 21st Century”

  13. On December 6 of 2002, CEC and British Government organized “Global Compact-CSR Seminar in China” in Beijing.

  14. From 2002 to April of 2003, CEC compiled “Chinese CSR Cases”, sponsored by State for foreign and Common Wealth of Britain

  15. From 24 to 25 of October in 2003, CEC and ILO organized “the 1st Employer Forum” in Beijing

  16. On June 24 of 2004, a delegation of 12 people led by Executive president of CEC Mr. Zhang Yanning attended UN “Global Compact Summit” in New York

  17. On October 11 of 2004, Mr. Kofi.Annan who was visiting China met Chinese business representatives in Beijing and discussed issues like” Global Compact” and partnership between public sector and private sector

  18. In November of 2004, CEC held “the 2nd Employer Forum” under the theme of “CSR and Risk Management in Business” in Beijing together with ILO

  19. In January of 2005, Global Compact Promotion Office was established in CEC

  20. From October of 2004 to December of 2005, Global Compact Promotion Office of CEC made research on technical standards of CSR under Global Compact with the support of experts and scholars and produced CSR general rules, CSR guarantee guiding rules, guiding rules for COP, rules for assessing corporate management structure and conditions of work and produced series of training materials on CSR under the Global Compact.

  21. In April of 2005, Deputy Director General of CEC Madame Chen Ying, as a member of China CSR expert panel, joined International Standard Committee for formulating ISO26000

  22. From September 5 to 7 of 2005, CEC Global Compact Promotion Office participated in “21st Century Forum” held by CPPCC

  23. In September of 2005, the Office co-organized “Sino-Swiss Enterprises Senior Seminar on CSR”

  24. From November 29 to December 1 of 2005, as one of co-organizers, CEC played a key role in working with UN organizing “Global Compact China Summit”

  25. The conference on IPR protection and independent innovation for businesses organized by the Global Compact Promotion Office of CEC was held in Beijing on Feb. 23, 2006

  26. The meeting of China Global Compact and CSR Networks was held on September, 8th, 2006

  27. As follow up of Sino-Swiss Enterprises Senior Seminar on CSR, 2005, The Global Compact Promotion Office of CEC organized the enterprises delegation for study visit in Switzerland on invitation of Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

  28. The training for compiling CSR annual report of individual enterprise was organized by CEC and ILO in Harbin in June, 2006

  29. CSR Senior Seminar was held in Guangzhou in July, 2006 organized by CEC and Sweden embassy

  30. The training of Global Compact and CSR for enterprises was organized in November, 2006 by the Global Compact Promotion Office of CEC and Sichuan, Anhui branch of CEC

  31. China and Japan workshop of corporate social responsibility was held in Beijing on December 7th, 2006 by GCPO and CBCSD of CEC and Delegation of CBCC Japan

  32. GCPO launched the project of Global Compact promotion and CSR implementation with China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO) from May 8th, 2006

  33. From October,2006, GCPO shouldered the research project of Global Compact and CSR implementation for State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC ). On January 18th, 2007, SGCC launched the release press of SGCC CSR report

  34. Thanks for your attention