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  1. HORIZON A Monthly eMagazine by BOSS March 2010 Issue No. 008

  2. 1. If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side. 2. If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. For when a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off. 3. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. 4.Your tongue is germ free only if it is pink. If it is white there is a thin film of bacteria on it. INTERESTING FACTS CONTRIBUTED BY JAYSHREE CHAUHAN

  3. QUOTE Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. CONTRIBUTED BY DNYAPTI DAWALWAR SOURCE: DEEP THOUGHT BY JACK HANDEY

  4. RECENT DEVELOPMENT CHROMIUM(3) Chromium(III) picolinate is the Chemical compound that is sold as a nutritional supplement to prevent or treat chromium deficiency. This bright-red coordination complex is derived from chromium (III) and picolinic acid. Small quantities of chromium are needed for glucose utilization by insulin in normal health, but deficiency is extremely rare and has only been observed in hospital patients on long-term defined diets No biochemical basis for the human body's need for chromium has been identified. HEALTH CLAIMS AND DEBATES Pilot trial of 15 patients suggested that chromium picolinate might have antidepressant effects in atypical depression. A larger follow-up trial failed to reproduce this effect, but indicated that the use of chromium picolinate could help to reduce carbohydrate cravings and regulate appetite in these patients. A post-hoc analysis of a subpopulation of patients in this study that experienced high carbohydrate cravings suggested that patients treated with chromium picolinate experienced significant improvements in their depression (as measured by the 29-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale) compared to those treated with a placebo

  5. Some commercial organizations promote chromium picolinate as an aid to body development for athlete and as a means of losing weight. But a number of studies have failed to demonstrate an effect of chromium picolinate on either muscle growth or fat loss. There are claims that the picolinate form of chromium supplementation aids in reducing insulin resistance, particularly in diabetics, but a meta-analysis of chromium supplementation studies showed no association between chromium and glucose or insulin concentrations for non-diabetics, and inconclusive results for diabetics. This study has been challenged on the grounds that it excluded significant results. Subsequent trials gave mixed results, with one finding no effect in people with impaired glucose tolerance, but another seeing a small improvement in glucose resistance. A further study on obese adults with metabolic syndrome, was published in 2009, this found no significant effect on insulin sensitivity, but increased short-term levels of insulin. The study also observed no effect on weight or serum lipids. In a review of these trials it was again concluded that chromium supplements had no effect on healthy people, but that there might be an improvement in glucose metabolism in diabetics, although the authors stated that the evidence for this effect remains weak. However, opinions differ on this conclusion, a review published in 2006 argued that these data instead supported the clinical efficacy of chromium picolinate for the treatment of diabetes.

  6. In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stated that the "relationship between chromium picolinate intake and insulin resistance is highly uncertain". Initial concerns were raised that chromium picolinate is more likely to cause DNA damage and mutation than other forms of trivalent chromium, but these results are also debated. These concerns were based, in part, on studies in fruit flies, where chromium(III) picolinate supplementation generates chromosomal aberrations, impedes progeny development,and causes sterility and lethal mutations.However, other studies indicate that chromium picolinate is safe even at very high doses. In mice, one study observed that chromium(III) picolinate supplementation caused skeletal defects in their offspring.However, a two-year study of the long-term effects of this supplement in rats and mice found no effects on overall survival, or on the animal's body weight and food consumption, the authors of this review also found no evidence that chromium picolinate is carcinogenic. SOURCE: COTRIBUTED BY SADIYA JABEEN

  7. 1. DNA indirectly directs the production of proteins based upon 1.  the order of its nitrogenous bases 2.  the order of its phosphate groups 3.  the order of its five-carbon sugars 4.  currently unknown reasons  2.The molecule which acts as an intermediary between the DNA and the ribosomes is  1.  messenger RNA 2.  transfer RNA 3.  ribosomal RNA 4.  intermediate RNA QUIZ

  8. 3.If a DNA strand reads TACGGCATG (where the names of the bases are abbreviated), then the RNA molecule created by transcription would read 1.  ATGCCGTAC 2.  AUGCCGUAC 3.  CGTAATGCA 4.  CGUAAUGCA  4.A promoter is best described as a  1.  substance which facilitates RNA transcription 2.  sequence of bases at which RNA polymerase begins transcription 3. type of RNA which promotes cell division 4. environmental change which cause transcription to occur. CONTRIBUTED BY DNYAPTI DAWALWAR

  9. 1. b. Cinchona2.b. Phototropism3.d. Tooth Decay4.a. Man5.b. Taxonomy6.b. Starfish7.c. Rabies8.a. Ascorbic acid9.c. Plasmodium10.d. Myobacterium tuberculosis Answers to the Quiz in The Feb 2010 issue 007

  10. INTERESTING ARTICAL Boffins ponder moon-water formation • When Apollo astronauts returned from the moon 40 years ago, they brought back moon rocks to undergo analysis, and one of the big questions was whether there was water to be found in the lunar rocks and soils. But most of the rock boxes containing the lunar samples had leaked. This led the scientists to assume that the trace amounts of water they found came from Earth air that had entered the containers. Since then it was believed that there was virtually no water on the moon.

  11. Now, forty years later, a team of scientists has found evidence that the old assumption may be wrong. "To some extent, we were fooled," said Larry Taylor of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. "Since the boxes leaked, we just assumed the water we found was from contamination with terrestrial air." Taylor and the other researchers used NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper - M3 for short - housed on the Indian Chandrayyan-1 satellite, to make the new discovery. M3 analyzes the way that light from the sun reflects off the lunar surface to understand what materials comprise the lunar soil - a technique known as reflectance spectrometry. In this case, the instrument detected wavelengths of reflected light that would indicate a chemical bond between hydrogen and oxygen.

  12. The instrument can only see the very uppermost layers of the lunar soil - perhaps to a few centimeters below the surface, but what it saw, according to Taylor, was water. What scientists did not understand, though, was where this newly observed water came from. There are potentially two types of water on the moon: exogenic, meaning water from outside sources, such as comets striking the moon's surface, and endogenic, meaning water that originates on the moon. Taylor and his colleagues suspect that the water they're seeing in the moon's surface is endogenic.

  13. Since the rocks and soils that compose the moon contain about 45 percent oxygen, mostly combined in silicate phases, the question before researchers is where the hydrogen component of the water they're seeing with M3 came from. In this case, they believe it may have come from the solar wind. Taylor said the oxygen-rich minerals and glasses on the surface of the moon are constantly pounded by hydrogen in the form of protons, moving at velocities of one-third the speed of light. When those protons hit the lunar surface with enough force, suspects Taylor, they break apart oxygen bonds in soil materials, and where free oxygen and hydrogen are together, there's a high chance that trace amounts of water will be formed. These traces are thought to be about a quart of water per ton of soil.

  14. Taylor and other M3 team members believe their findings will be of particular significance as mankind continues to plan for a return to the moon. The maps created by M3 could provide mission planners with locations prime for extraction of needed water from the lunar soil. Related:Moon Dust Could Be Key Ingredient For Giant Lunar TelescopeIn Space, No One Can Hear You Say "Doh!" Source: University of Tennessee at Knoxville CONTRIBUTED BY JAYSHREE CHAUHAN

  15. LATEST NEWS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis May Involve A Form Of Sudden, Rapid Aging Of The Immune System Results from a new study suggest that premature aging of the immune system appears to play a role in the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease. Rare Head And Neck Cancer Linked To HPV, Study Finds An increase in cases of a rare type of head and neck cancer appears to be linked to HPV, or human papillomavirus. CONTRIBUTED BY SADIYA JABEEN SOURCE :

  16. TIME Time cannot really be defined. It can only be spent or looked forward to or even remembered fondly. CONTRIBUTED BY JAYSHREE CHAUHAN

  17. QUOTES Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence Be happy. It's one way of being wise. ARISTOTLE CONTRIBUTED BY DNYAPTI DAWALWAR


  19. Limiited circulation • For educational purposes alone • Some contents courtesy Internet Websites @ Dear Readers Your valuable suggestions and contributions are welcome. Contact: St. Francis De Sales College, Seminary Hills, Nagpur The College, established in 1956, is situated on the heights of Seminary Hills in beautiful surroundings. It aims at giving its men and women students sound education, which while training them for academic success, will also make them self-reliant, keen, co-operative and incorruptible citizens. Its best motto might be found in the scriptural words "with truth and love" (2 John), truth, uncompromising, inspiring and fascinating, love, all pervading, all enduring and irresistible. Since its inception, more than 100 students have figured in the Nagpur University Merit list of B. A., B. Sc. and M. Sc. Similarly 150 University awards for excellence have been bagged by the college students. You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of mind next to honour. - Aristotle