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/ Planet Fitness Media Planning / 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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/ Planet Fitness Media Planning / 2015

/ Planet Fitness Media Planning / 2015

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/ Planet Fitness Media Planning / 2015

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  2. /Planet Fitness Media Planning / 2015

  3. Agenda. Media Objectives & Strategy Alternative Media Plans for Review and Discussion Appendix Target Audience & Seasonality. Snapshot of the Gym & Fitness Category and Competitors of Interest. Season 15 Biggest Loser Summary. Super Bowl Media Evaluation. Digital Components.

  4. Media Objectives & Strategy.

  5. Planet Objectives. Enhance Brand Value. Take the Planet Fitness Brand to another level, as a category leader, a transcendent brand, a brand to watch. Drive Business. Traffic to site. Traffic to stores. Conversions everywhere. Get Everyone Talking.Consumers, Press, Franchisees (current and prospective), Influencers, The Category, The Street.

  6. Budget. Sketch plans have been developed based on a working media budget of $15,000.0M Media $15,000.0M Production, POP, PR, Fees, Admin. $10,000.0M NAF budget $25,000.0M

  7. 3 Alternative Media Approaches.

  8. A Sneak Peak 2 3 1 Super Bowl NBC News/Sports Cable Digital 2014 TV Levels Cable Enhanced Digital Network Partnership Cable Digital * TV delivery only

  9. \ Plan Details.

  10. ApproachOne. Elements. SUPER BOWL.Build value and awareness. Drive decision in current markets and desire in projected markets. NBC MATCH to support key periods. Leverage the right programs to increase continuity among the core. Preferably news. Some sports. CABLE OVERLAY to provide balance. Restore split efficiently. Skew female. Build frequency. Strong DIGITAL BASE maintained throughout. Focus on Lead Gen & SEM. Complement with NBC Digital.

  11. ApproachOne Snapshot

  12. ApproachOne. Implications. Add Super Bowl. Builds instant awareness and brand value to impact current and future business. Positions brand as the category leader. Provides unmatched press and buzz-building opportunities. Discontinue Biggest Loser Partnership. Cost prevents reallocating money to more effective media for the long-term. No Primetime TV. NBC match requires presence in News and Live sports.

  13. ApproachTwo. Elements. HIGH PROFILE partnership. Continue with BL partnership (or like property). Leverage strong value with local extensions. REQUIRED MEDIA to purchase higher ranked programming. Focus inventory during Jan/April sale as well as Q1. CABLE OVERLAY to increase message frequency. Use top 4-5 Cable networks. Consider 1-2 major networks, as afforded. Explore local opportunities. Strong DIGITAL BASE maintained throughout. Robust Lead Gen & SEM allocation. Complement with NBC digital.

  14. ApproachTwo. Snapshot

  15. ApproachTwo. Implications. Maintain Biggest Loser Partnership. Captures a receptive audience. Strong cost-benefit ratio. Franchisees benefit from the partnership on multiple levels.

  16. ApproachThree. Elements. MAINTAIN historical TV levels. Inclusive of high profile network partnership complemented by continuity based cable. ADD targeted digital support. Target relevant consumers that reside within a 10 mile radius of PF locations. EXTEND TV reach with digital video. Find and make seamless connection between screens. Add contextually relevant video units.

  17. ApproachThree. Snapshot

  18. ApproachThree. Implications. Mix National Awareness with Targeted Acquisition. Serves dual goal. Addresses both National & Local objectives. Provides foundational national awareness necessary to inform decision. Uses local digital support to drive action. TV budget is maintained from 2014.

  19. Budget Comparison.

  20. Let’s Compare. 2014 2 3 1 54/3.0/165 155.0MM 60/40% 80/4.2/335 Reach/Freq/GRP* 79/5.5/431 73/4.8/350 Digital IMPs 288.3MM 244.4MM 625.1MM $10.0MM 50/50% 60/40% 60/40% Female/Male Split $15.0MM Budget $15.0MM $15.0MM * TV delivery only

  21. Appendix.

  22. Contents. Target & Seasonality. Snapshot of the gym & fitness category and competitors of interest. Season 15 Biggest Loser Summary. Super Bowl Media Evaluation. Potential Digital Partners

  23. Planet Audience. Adults 25-54 Female Skew (60%/40%) (Reflects the current member mix and the core target audience.)

  24. Seasonality. Top membership months are consistent year over year. January (14.6%), December (10.5%), April (9.5%) & October (7.8%). Overall, the first 4 months represent 42% of all signups. 2013 2012 *Based on PF Membership Trends

  25. A snapshot of the gym and fitness category.

  26. 2013CategoryTrends. Spending is up 10-12%. Q2 spending was up 30% category-wide. Bally’s and LA Fitness are spending again. LA Fitness exceeded 2011 levels. Curves dramatically increased. A La Carte options are white hot.

  27. Competitors to Watch. • Owned by Ex PF Franchisee. • Substantial growth with 50 new locations. • 71 gyms. 9 states. Florida, “snowbird” & Hispanic market concentration. • Equinox’s “budget” solution. • Urban focused. • 30 gyms. Primarily NY. • Clean, slick presentation, reminiscent of their parent. • “No Judgment” • Ex-Planet Execs • Strong US presence with 70+ stores. 19 DMAs. $15-20/month. $30-40 Annual. No Term & 12-Mo Agreements $10/month. No commitment. $9.95/month. No commitment.

  28. No one is as loud as Planet. Yet. And no one is Motivating Decision NATIONALLY like Planet.

  29. Media elements to be evaluated including Biggest Loser and Super Bowl.

  30. The Pieces. Cable Nets

  31. The Biggest Loser./Details of the Season 15 Partnership and viewership insights / Biggest Loser.

  32. Recap of Season 15 Elements. 3rd Consecutive season. Season 15. Oct ‘13 – Jan ’14. Marquee integration & placement on “the Ranch.” Where Are They Now. Weigh-in logos. Sponsored challenge. Branded giveaway. A season long presence. Visibility in nearly every episode. 10 in-program TV spots. Enhanced interactive. First ever digital Photo Gallery sponsorship along with digital buy. #PFBiggestsupportersocial program.

  33. Who was watching? 52 million viewers from premiere to finale. Over 60% of the audience watching are Adults 25-54. Two-thirds of the audience are women. / Season 15 / Source: MRI 2013 Doublebase

  34. BL Media Delivered. / Season 15 / • Reached32% through top-rated Primetime schedule. • NBC is on the rise. Strong selection of top rated shows. • Digitally delivered 19.1MM IMPs. • Achieved a CTR of .61% and an estimated 1,083 gym signups.

  35. Moving Forward. S16 & 17. / Season 15 / Preliminary discussions have begun. Potential for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 back-to-back seasons. 95% confirmed for Fall. Spring TBD. Biggest Loser is a valuable partnership. Despite a decline in ratings, local value is strong. Maintain integration investment level. Keep it fresh. Explore new BL opportunities.

  36. Cost & Components. Package Price Integration Cost. $1.6MM NBC Buy. $2.5MM within Quarter Inclusive of TV & Digital Component Total. $4.1MM* *Cost for 1 season. Assumes package cost remains flat.

  37. The Super Bowl XLIX.

  38. The Most Watched TV Show in US History. (And the game stunk.) 111.5MM viewers this year. Over 40% of all adults. Nearly 55% of adults 25-54.

  39. Spectacle Spans Days & Platforms. Ratings skewed slightly higher during commercial breaks. 2nd half posted solid numbers despite the poor game. The game is viewed across multiple platforms. Mobile sharing was up 67%. 83% viewed across multiple screens. An advance strategy leading up to the game is crucial. Pre-game spoilers are expected. As of Jan 31st, YouTube’s Ad Blitz had recorded 77+ million views.

  40. Social Media Kept Engagement High. Facebook won in overall interaction. 185 million interactions from 50 million people. Brands chose Twitter for real-time marketing. 25.3 million tweets equivalent to 1.8 billion imps. #Hashtag usage exceeded urls. Overall, advertisers enjoyed 700% increase in social activity vs. a typical day.

  41. The Medium is the Message. The Bowl builds brand value with consumers and business influencers. GoPro debuted their first SB spot 2/2 then announced their filing 2/7. Born on the Super Bowl, GoDaddy,announced their intent to file earlier this month, used SB this year to shift their image.

  42. Positions Brands for Bigger Things. Of 39 brands in last year’s Super Bowl, 9 were privately held. Of those 9, 3 have announced filing (GoDaddy, GoPro and Alex & Ani). At least 3 appear poised to test the IPO waters, orgarner purchase interest (Beats, Sonos, Squarespace).

  43. Who’s watching? M/F split fairly balanced.More than half of the audience watching are Adults 25-54. Super Bowl Audience Planet Fitness Source: MRI 2013 Doublebase

  44. The SB Package. Sticker Price (Unnegotiated) Spot Cost. $4.5MM NBC Match. $4.5MM Live Sports & News Digital Component. $1.0MM Total. $10.0MM

  45. AdditionalComponents. And news properties.

  46. Digital Exposure

  47. Acquisition Drivers Identify opportunity based on precision targeting, monitoring behaviors and contextual relevance. Capitalize on low hanging fruit. Convert active inquiries to signups. Lead Gen SEM

  48. Awareness Drivers. Amplify reach & message engagement. Leverage comedic content to align with the PF brand & drive core messaging. Deliver an engaged audience with the right mindset. Leverage the fitness & music connection. Build a unique, custom community. Extend TV presence. Retarget users who saw the on-air ad through 3rd party data. Primary reach driver. Premium Online Video Brand Extension TV Extension Leverage breakthrough experiential custom units to optimize engagement & interaction. High Impact Align with engaging premium platforms that can amplify reach and engagement with messaging. Premium Online Video