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Cracovian cribs PowerPoint Presentation
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Cracovian cribs

Cracovian cribs

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Cracovian cribs

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  1. Cracoviancribs cracoviancribs- richly ornamentedcribsconnected with architecture and referring to monuments of Cracow, showing mystery play of Christmas.

  2. Meals for the Christmas Eve

  3. 1. ChristmasEvesoups Borscht Christmas Eve soup made from fermented rye flour Mushroom soup clean Fish soup in Polish Fish soup with small dumpling Soup of the wholemeal bread Beer soup Galician cabbage soup Plum soup with the cream Soup of prunes, pears and apples

  4. 2.Additions to Christmas Eve soup ”Ears” with mushrooms Small square noodles Pieces of toast Fish meatballs

  5. 3.Fish food Carp in the white wine Carp cooked in Jewish fashion The carp cooked in the red wine Fried or roasted carp Bream cooked in one piece Bream cooked with the horseradish and apples Roasted bream stuffed with the buckwheat groats Tench fried in the red cabbage The salmon cooked in the creamy sauce

  6. 4.Meals made of mushrooms Mushrooms dried, fried in oil Dried, stewed mushrooms Cabbage stewed with mushrooms and pea Small ”pigeons” with mushrooms

  7. 5.Food of theflour Makowczaki with the poppy milk Dumplings with poppyseed Small square noodles with the cabbage

  8. 6.Christmas Evecompote Boiled wheat with poppy seeds and honey served on Christmas Eve Compote of dried apples, pears and plums

  9. Exchangingwishes with the wafer In Poland a custom of exchanging Christmas greetings is the most important moment of the Christmas Eve supper. This activity takesplace after reading the Gospel about the Jesusbirth. Christmas Eve supper refers to feasts of the first Christians, organised in memory of the Last Supper. This custom means also one should share the last piece of bread with another. We giveeachotherour best wishes and forgiveallgrudges.

  10. The first star In Poland Christmas Evesupper starts, when in the sky the first star appears. It isprobably connected with the Star of Bethlehem, which according to the Evangelist, St Mathew, Sages from East saw.

  11. SingingChristmascarols It is a Polishtradition to singsongsaboutbirth of Jesus. We usually do itaftersupperorduring the holymassesatchurch.

  12. Midnight Mass It finishes the Christmas Eve, it is the mass celebrated at churches precisely at midnight. According to tradition it commemorates the arrival of shepherds toBethlehem and paying homage to the Messiah.

  13. Free seat at the table At present in Poland a custom of leaving the free seatduringthe Christmas Eve table is known and widespread. This place is intended above all for the casual guest. By leavingthe empty place atthe table we also express the memory aboutour relativesand friends thatcannot spend holidays with us. This place can also bring dead family members to ourmind.

  14. Thank for attention