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  1. E n g l I s h 高中二年级(下) Unit 15 制作 人:曾晓明

  2. Reading 惠安三中: 曾晓明

  3. Pre-reading Use the chart to make a list of what you show your friend about your town.

  4. Skimming Destinations Kitzbuhel Para.1 Rio de Janeiro Wanderlust: the urge/itch to travel

  5. Fast reading Q1: Of the two places introduced, which is a summer resort to us, and which is a winter resort? Rio de Janeiro /summer; Kitzbuhel /winter

  6. Q2: What is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro? Carnival is a four-day festival to celebrate the sun. Q3: Where is Alps? Alps stands around Kitzbuhel in southern Austria, in Europe.

  7. True or False 1. The best time to visit Rio is around March. 2. Carnival is a four-day festival. 3. The finest and most challenging place for skiing is Rio De Janeiro. F T F

  8. 4. A walk around Kitzbuhel is a feast for the eyes. 5. If you have never skied before, you had better not go to Kitzbuhel. T F

  9. Guess Why do you think I will direct you there?

  10. Happy lifestyle

  11. Downtown Rio--- “tall office building, malls” Mall

  12. The beach--Copacabana

  13. Visitors who get tired of the sand and the sun can cool off in the cafes and shops

  14. Princess of the Sea

  15. The best time --- in June and July,Carnival---- a four- day festival

  16. Happy Carnival

  17. 2005 Sao Paulo Carnival

  18. Austria Kitzbuhel

  19. “A paradise for skiers” Skier slopes

  20. Reading practice 1.What is wanderlust? It is the urge to explore the world, or to travel. 2.Where is Rio de Janeiro? It is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.

  21. 3.What does Cariocas mean? It refers to the people of Rio. 4.What is the best way to see downtown of Rio De Janeiro and what can you see? On foot. You can see old and modern buildings which tell you Rio is an important commercial city.

  22. 5.What is Rio famous for? Copacabana known as the princess of the sea, and Carnival which is a festival to celebrate the sun. 6.Where is Kitzbuhel? It is located in southern Austria.

  23. 7.What is it famous for? Good weather, breathtaking scenery and world-class ski resort. 8.What else can you do in Kitzbuhel besides skiing? It offers a wide variety of entertainment and you can experience

  24. old village culture mixed with the excitement of international tourist area.

  25. Para. 2-3 along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil in South America Cariocas: big hearts/ friendliness

  26. modern malls, theme parks ,beautiful beaches, downtown Rio cultural/historical commercial (dance halls/tall office buildings) (old buildings/ churches)

  27. Para. 4-5 Q1: Which of the following is true? A. Copacabana is close to a century old. B. All beaches are not far away from downtown Rio. C. To take a bus back to downtown Rio is not a good idea after a long time in the sun on the beach of Princess of the Sea. B

  28. Q2: The best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is ____. ____is also good because of _____. A. in June and July because it is the summer time in Rio; March; Carnival

  29. B. in June and July because it is winter in Rio; March; a festival in celebration of the sun. C. in June and July because it is cold in Rio; March; a famous festival B

  30. Para. 6-7 Q1: What can tourists do in Kitzbuhel? go skiing; try downhill slopes; watch downhill race; enjoy a variety of entertainment; take a walk around

  31. Q2: What kind of place is Kitzbuhel? a paradise for skiers ; good weather and breath-taking scenery ; a lively mix of old village culture and the excitement of an international tourist area.

  32. A comparison of the two cities Brazil Austria On the coast of Atlantic Ocean In southern Austria Big hearts and friendliness Friendliness

  33. Downtown Rio, Copacabana, Carnival World-class ski resort, old village culture Winter June or July

  34. Quick response

  35. 根据第一部分Rio de Janeiro的课文内容判断对错。 True or False 1. RIO is Brazil’s third largest city. 2. There is no theme parks in RIO. 3. The people in RIO are very friendly. 4. Downtown Rio is the city’s cultural and political heart. F F T F

  36. F 5. The beach is very far away from the centre of Rio. 6. Copacabana is known as the “King of the sea” 7. The best time to visit Rio is in July and August. 8. Lots of visitors leave Rio feeling disappointed. 9. The Carnival is a seven-day festival. F F F F

  37. 请根据课文的第二部分Kitzbuhel完成以下填空,首字母已给出请根据课文的第二部分Kitzbuhel完成以下填空,首字母已给出 If you are looking for a winter a________and want to ski, you can go to Kitzbuhel. Kitzbuhel is a p______ for skiers ,and the breath-taking s______ there is very beautiful. Skiers dventure aradise cenery

  38. ather g_____ here once a year to compete in the downhill race. Should you have enough energy left after a day on the slopes, you can take a d__ in the pool, work out at the g___ or go dancing in the clubs . ip ym

  39. Post-reading

  40. You can learn a lot about history by … pleasant to look at If you are not too tired

  41. I love skiing. I like swimming. I’m interested in history. I want to see the alps. I want to see the carnival. I want to watch a ski race.

  42. Language points itchn. “痒” →“迫切的愿望”vi. “发痒” have an itch for (doing) sth. “渴望做某事” have an itch to do sth. “渴望做某事” have/ suffer from the (an) itch“觉得痒” have an itch for money “渴望发财” →adj. itching “痒的”,“渴望的”

  43. stretch 1. vt. &vi. “展开,伸展,延伸” e.g. The girl stretched out her arm to take the book. 2. n. “拉长,延伸,扩展” e.g. The dog woke up, had a goodstretch. 那狗醒过来,舒舒服服地伸展了一下身子。

  44. 常用习语 stretch one’s legs “去散步” stretch a point “做出让步” by no stretch of the imagination “无论怎样想象”

  45. The many tall …remindvisitors that… remind sb. 一听到这首歌我就想到了我的同学们。 The song reminds me of my classmates. of sth. that … to do

  46. 请提醒我给他回电话。 Please remind me to call him back. 旅客们被告知火车可能晚点两小时。 The travellers are reminded that the train is likely to delay two hours.

  47. Should you feel the urge to pack your bags… 在虚拟条件句中,可将if省略,把should提前。should表可能性,意为“万一”。 eg. Should you run into Jane, tell her she owes me a letter. Should you have any difficulty, turn to Mr. Smith for help.

  48. guarantee vt. 确保,保证,保证…免受损失或伤害 e.g. 他担保偿还他儿子的债务。 He guaranteed the payment of his son’s debt. 该食品保证不含添加剂。 The food is guaranteed additive-free.

  49. guarantor担保人 guaranty 保证(书) guarantee sth./ sb.sth. guarantee (not) to do sth. guarantee that…