vocabulary fun run atmosphere n.
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Vocabulary Fun Run--Atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Fun Run--Atmosphere

Vocabulary Fun Run--Atmosphere

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Vocabulary Fun Run--Atmosphere

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  1. Vocabulary Fun Run--Atmosphere Mrs. Anna Ward James Martin MS September 5, 2012

  2. DO NOW!!! On page 13 of your science notebook, please draw the chart written on the white board. You will need to fill the entire page and should include 10 blocks. Leave space to write the definition. The vocabulary list is as follows:

  3. Announcements • Please turn in your Parent Info Sheets. ASAP. • Remember to turn in your Student Survey & Interest Inventory. ASAP. • FRIDAY—First Notebook Check. • You will leave your notebooks with me over the weekend.

  4. Agenda • Vocabulary Fun Run (45 minutes) • Short Notes on Atmosphere (15 minutes) • Exit Ticket (5 minutes)


  6. The Method…. Around the room, there are hidden clues and vocabulary words associated with the ATMOSPHERE. It is your goal to work with your assigned group to gather all TEN vocabulary words & their definitions as quickly as possible. Words must be written in each player’s notebook LEGIBIALLY and in the correct location.

  7. PRIZES… As an incentive, I will be offering prizes to the groups that complete the Vocabulary Fun Run. • First, Second, and Third Places will chose as a team between: • Snack Food • Juice Boxes • Blow Pops • Consolation Prize for finishing the Activity: Piece of Candy • Remember, these can not be eaten in another classroom without that teacher’s permission. DO NOT LET ME FIND ANY TRASH OR FOOD LEFT IN MY CLASSROOM. OR ELSE.

  8. The Rules… • You must work WITH YOUR ASSIGNED GROUP. • You may NOT TALK. • You may NOT RUN. • Every player is responsible for copying their definition from each notecard. You may NOT COPY ANSWERS OFF OF ANOTHER PLAYER’S PAPER. • Definitions MUST BE WRITTEN LEGIBILY and on page 13 of EACH PLAYER’S NOTEBOOK. • If your team breaks a rule, the referee (me) will call you back to HOME BASE (FRONT DOOR) for a 1 minute TIME OUT.

  9. Facts about the Atmosphere…. • Please Label the top of Page 14 “Facts about the Atmosphere” and copy down the following facts into the top half of your notebook. • The Earth’s Atmosphere is made up of 5 layers that have distinct characteristics. • Each has a different: • Temperature • Air pressure

  10. Air Pressure & the Atmosphere • Air Pressure is a characteristic of the atmosphere. • As ALTITUDE increases, AIR PRESSURE decreases. • This is because as you move up, the air molecules move further apart because of gravity.

  11. Air Pressure • Close to Earth’s Surface  Stronger pull from Gravity  More Air Molecules  molecules are close together Higher Air Pressure • Far from Earth’s Surface  Less pull from Gravity  Less Air Molecules  molecules are farther apart  Lower Air Pressure

  12. Exit Ticket Answer in COMPLETE sentences for full credit. • Is Air Pressure higher or lower as you move away from the Earth’s Surface? Why? • How many layers make up the Earth’s Atmosphere? Looking at your VOCABULARY list, can you guess the names of the layers?