p roducts w ith g ood d esign n.
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P roducts W ith G ood D esign PowerPoint Presentation
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P roducts W ith G ood D esign

P roducts W ith G ood D esign

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P roducts W ith G ood D esign

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  1. Products With Good Design In No Particular Order…. By Louie Hepworth

  2. The ReacTable This is a pioneering piece of music technology. The ReacTable uses touch screen and OMR technology to make some funky sounds. But to really appreciate it, you need to hear it in action…

  3. Celldweller’s Glasses Obviously not ergonomically designed, as you would blind your self, but they’re the best rave glasses ever.

  4. the Pearl RH-2000 hi-hat stand The RH-2000 is designed with space in mind. For a percussionist with LOADS of equipment, you haven't got room for a straight stand. This peddle is hydraulic so that the top and bottom parts are more manoeuvrable. As a drummer I can tell you that you need as much stuff as possible in the smallest space, and this does the job!

  5. Tetris Lamp Ever got bored of your bedroom lamp? Or just not impressed with it? The solution is a Tetris lamp! Unlimited custom ability to your heart’s content!

  6. The Rubik’s Cube Although it is now out-dated, the Rubik’s cube is one of the most famous puzzles in the world. It is notorious for being a real brain buster of a puzzle to solve and can take anything from under 10 seconds to years to solve. Very low-tech, but still excellent design.

  7. And just for the laugh…

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