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The Hero’s Journey Presents

The Hero’s Journey Presents. The Lion King. Characters :. Simba- A lion, protagonist, when he was born he became the prince of Pride Rock, he left Pride Rock thinking he was the one who killed his father. Mufasa- A lion, Simba’s father, king of Pride Rock, he gets killed by his brother Scar.

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The Hero’s Journey Presents

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  1. The Hero’s JourneyPresents The Lion King

  2. Characters: • Simba- A lion, protagonist, when he was born he became the prince of Pride Rock, he left Pride Rock thinking he was the one who killed his father. • Mufasa- A lion, Simba’s father, king of Pride Rock, he gets killed by his brother Scar. • Scar- A lion, antagonist, leader of the Hyenas, brother of Mufasa, uncle of Simba, and he gets beaten by Simba and killed by his own hyenas. • Zazu- ,Mufasa’s little helper, is not completely liked by Nala and Simba but he is a friend.

  3. More Characters: • Nala- A lioness, Simba’s best friend, almost a mentor because she tries to get him back to Pride Rock to be king. • Timon- A meercat, he took care of Simba and taught Simba “Hakuna Matata”. • Pumbaa- A warthog, best friends with Timon, very smelly, and also took care of Simba. • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed- Hyenas, Scars head hyenas that do everything for him. • Sarabi- A lioness, queen of Pride Rock and mother of Simba. • Rafiki- a mandrill, Simba’s mentor, he was the one who convinced Simba to go back to pride Rock.

  4. The Ordinary World • Pride Rock is where Simba feels safe in the beginning of the movie because its going to be his kingdom and his father is ruling at the time. but after his father is killed Simba feels that it is his fault so he leaves for a wonderful looking place which is where Timon and Pumbaa took him. Pride Rock is where all of the good animals live like the lions.

  5. The Call to Adventure • At this point of the movie Simba has grown-up and is still living with Timon and Pumbaa. Nala his childhood friend has found him and she asks for him to come back to Pride Rock to take over the throne because Scar as king has made everything horrible because the hyenas are at the top of the food chain now instead of the lions.

  6. Refusal of the Call • After Nala asks Simba to come back he says he can’t go back. He thinks he is happier living with Timon and Pumbaa but really he would like to live back at Pride Rock. The only thing stopping him is that he thinks that he was the one who killed his father so he can’t go back. But if he doesn’t go back then the lions will soon die because of the Hyenas.

  7. Meeting the Mentor • After Simba’s meeting with Nala, he runs into Rafiki. Rafiki shows Simba around and tells him stories of his father, a cloud of Simba’s father appears and tells Simba that he has forgotten all of what his father has done. Then Rafiki tells Simba to go back to his kingdom and overthrow Scar. But if the run in with each other never happened the Hyenas would have taken over completely

  8. Crossing the First Threshold • When Simba gets back to Pride Rock he is there all alone telling himself that he will be facing his past. Then he is joined by his allies: Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa and they thought that this place was worth fighting for then the might as well fight with him. When Simba eventually starts to go in Timon and Pumbaa where the distractions so Nala could get the Lionesses and for Simba to find Scar.

  9. Within the Special World • When Simba is preparing to fight he realizes that that the Kingdom has changed a lot. When he was a little cub he remembered Pride Rock being green, sunny, full of life, and beautiful but now its dark, gloomy as if all of the life has been sucked out. A t least he has Nala, Pumbaa, and Timon to help him take over Scar and his horrible ways.

  10. The Supreme Ordeal • At this point in the story Simba has crossed the first threshold and now is in a fight against Scar. In the beginning of the battle Scar has Simba hang over a ledge above fire, Scar said that he was going to die just as his father did. That's when Scar told Simba his little secret that he was the one who killed Mufasa. Then Simba got back fought with Scar for awhile and was winning so he told scar to run away but Scar made up a lie to trick Simba by saying the Hyenas where the real enemies. But the Hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed overheard Scar and had allof the other Hyenas turn on him.

  11. Seizing the Reward • After defeating Scar, Rafiki announced that “It is time”. Simba walked really gracefully to the top of Pride Rock and let out a huge roar symbolizing that he has become king then the lionesses let out a roar that was just as moving as Simba’s was letting everybody know that the lions have taken back Pride Rock.

  12. The Road Back • After Simba took back the thrown there was a jump ahead where the kingdom had returned to what it had looked like in the beginning. Then it ended with Rafiki holding up Nala and Simba’s new child just as Simba was held up. And now Pride Rock is rightfully Simba’s again.

  13. The Resurrection • In the beginning Simba could not wait to be king. After the death of his father he left Pride Rock forgetting all about being king. He just wanted to live a non stressful life with Timon and Pumbaa. When Nala arrived she made him think about going back but he refused. But eventually he went back fought Scar and to over the Kingdom. Now he has changed, taking over being king just like iswanted to when he was little.

  14. Simba

  15. Mufasa

  16. Scar

  17. Zazu

  18. Nala

  19. Timon

  20. Pumbaa

  21. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

  22. Sarabi

  23. Rafiki

  24. The End

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