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Date: April 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Date: April 2010

Date: April 2010

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Date: April 2010

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  1. Date: April 2010 Outlook: Mobile and Fix Sector Developments

  2. Content • About Invitel International • Potential Growth Opportunities: • Mobile Market • Fix Market • Outsourcing • Mobile VAS and Data Services

  3. Invitel International Infrastructure operator and wholesale carrier delivering telecommunication solutions across the entire European region and Turkey. Focus: Internet/Data communications services Infrastructure services Wholesale Voice Services Unique andextensivenetwork coverage: 40+ major points of presence in 19 countries 23,000+ route km of fiber, totally 40,000+ km reach 4,000+ km of fiber in Turkey

  4. Invitel International Network

  5. PotentialGrowthOpportunities Mobile market outlook in TR High penetration, high subscriber base Very competitive market: Turkcell leading, Vodafone and Avea following Competition mainly on tariffs and subscriber programs 3G: On Air Mobile data usage increasing VAS growing slow Fix market outlook in TR Turk Telekom biggest player in voice and data: As usual Fix voice market is not growing ADSL market growth slowed Alternate operators are not growing Price competition between fix and mobile voice. Competition between fix data and mobile data is growing

  6. Potential Growth Opportunities Mobile market: 3G VAS services and mobile applications 3G operator services Multi dimensional convergence: fix/mobile – voice/data – Telecom/media Increasing data and voice usage demands reliable, robust, scalable infrastructure services Fix market: FTTH: A new paradigm in TR: growing slow F/O infrastructure services: local/international – carriers/corporate Datacenter and telehousing solutions Cloud computing No clear roadmap for Wi-Max No clear revenue model or business case for Wi-fi services

  7. Out sourcing (opportunities) Operation and maintenance services outsourced To group companies versus to contract based As service level and usage demands increase, outsourcing improve Software development Operator services CRM VAS and security services Co-location, hosting Infrastructure services

  8. VAS Services for Mobile Key points to be considered for a growing VAS market place: VAS services boomed in 2&2.5G. Especially SMS and funtainment. Recently consumption slowed down: Momentum of new services is lacking No doubt TR people enjoy VAS Cost and simplicity are two main issues Requirement-1: Rhythm & the pace of innovation and development Requirement-2: Low cost, effective, innovative, continuous marketing efforts Mutual services with alternate sectors and brands Operator support definitely needed 3G launch: a late entry to the market 3G VAS services and mobile applications are increasing Convergence with web services.

  9. Data Services for Mobile Key points to be considered for a growing Mobile DATA market place: Unique value proposition: High speed access anytime-anywhere Introduced in GPRS/EDGE era. Public awareness already established Early adapters: Corporate users Cost, simplicity and price models are critical criteria Non-portability nature and subscripion processes of ADSL Still things to do for better addressing gamers and high data users Attention to Infrastructure capacity problems as in some countries Another usage profile: As a spare access when fixed or Wi-fi access missing Operator support and commitment definitely needed Security, mobility, portability and ubiquity are important Thin client computing: Applications and devices will leverage