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Roller Coaster Mayhem!

Roller Coaster Mayhem!. By: Destiny and Jenny. 7/10. 4/5. 5/20. Flashcards. .7. Seven Tenths. 7/10. 4/5. .8. Four Fifths . 5/20. Twenty-five Hundredths. .25. The Secret Door.

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Roller Coaster Mayhem!

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  1. Roller Coaster Mayhem! By: Destiny and Jenny

  2. 7/10

  3. 4/5

  4. 5/20

  5. Flashcards .7 Seven Tenths 7/10 4/5 .8 Four Fifths 5/20 Twenty-five Hundredths .25

  6. The Secret Door One day a little girl named Allie was cleaning her bedroom when she heard her mom yell while walking into her room with her report card. She got A’s in everything but math. She got in big trouble and lost her allowance. Allie finished cleaning then she found a secret door behind her dresser… AND THAT’S WHEN THE ADVEVTURE BEGAN.

  7. Paragraph Two Allie walked in the secret door and found a whole new world. It was a world where fractions were people. Allie saw three fractions sitting by the entrance to the brand new Fraction Rollercoaster and they looked upset. Allie went over and asked them why they were upset and they all started crying. Then one fraction named Susie said that they weren’t allowed to ride the Fraction Rollercoaster. So Allie decided to help.

  8. Paragraph Three Another fraction named Jimmy said that they had to be able to convert themselves into decimals to be able to go on the rollercoaster. Then the last fraction named Jenny said that none of them knew how to convert themselves. Allie said that she learned how to convert fractions in math but Allie remembered that her math grade was a C.

  9. Paragraph Four The fractions showed Allie a magic pool. Allie wondered why the fractions showed her the pool. They told her that she had to go in the pool and swim around in it then she would know how to convert fractions. Allie asked the fractions why they didn’t go in the pool. They said that they don’t know how to swim.

  10. Paragraph Five Allie came out of the pool and immediately knew how to convert fractions. The fractions took Allie to a secret hideout and they asked her what to do. Allie said to Susie that all she had to do was change herself into a seven tenths in a decimal form. Susie changed without a problem. Next was Jimmy. Jimmy had to change from four fifths as a fraction to eight tenths as a decimal. Jimmy changed in a split second. Last it was Jenny’s turn. All Jenny had to do was change from five twentieths to twenty five hundredths. Jenny changed with no problems.

  11. Ending Paragraph The fractions rode the rollercoaster Allie got a better grade in math and everything was back to normal. THE END

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