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Hammer of Destiny

Hammer of Destiny . Slide 1 . Vocab. Vocab . Whoopee Cushion of Mighty Stank Steal a question and prize Stock Factors of Production Factory Socialism Strike. Industrial Revolution Enclosure Crop Rotation Middle Class Capitalism. Slide 2. A. B.

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Hammer of Destiny

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  1. Hammer of Destiny

  2. Slide 1 Vocab Vocab Whoopee Cushion of Mighty Stank Steal a question and prize Stock Factors of Production Factory Socialism Strike • Industrial Revolution • Enclosure • Crop Rotation • Middle Class • Capitalism

  3. Slide 2. A B What did the Cotton Gin do, and who invented it? De-seed cotton, Eli Whitney • The Headpiece of Indiana • Pick someone from the other team to answer a Question • In what ways did the Agricultural Revolution lead to the industrial revolution? • Enclosures lead to less jobs in the country- people flock to cities. More food being produced allows larger city population

  4. Slide 3. A B Tie of time travel Go back in time to answer a question for a prize.** What change in animal farming led to larger cattle during the agricultural revolution? Selective breeding. • Why did the industrial Revolution start in England and not North America or Continental Europe? • No war leads to safer investing. ** more details to come

  5. Slide 4. A B How did industrialization impact the standard of living within the city? Poor living conditions. Over crowded, buildings not up to code, raw sewage. • Goggles of Clairvoyance • Force your enemy to answer a question on the spot. (takes away time for the other team)*** • The industrial revolution broke down physical and political barriers. Give examples of both. • England- mountains, Germany -states ** more details to come

  6. Slide 5 A B Why did we discuss the Mills of Manchester in Class? Example of industrial city in England, Child Labor • Gnome of Truth • Pick one slide and answer both questions • How did industrial machinery make it to the United States from England? • Corporate Espionage

  7. Slide 6 A B The industrial revolution picked up in the United States after it started in England. According to what we learned in class, what was the first big industrial town? Lowell Massachusetts • Fanny Pack of protection • Stops 1 enemy power up* • The industrial Revolution led to imperialism. Why is that? • Countries need raw materials to produce. Cotton, coal, iron, wool, etc

  8. Slide 7 A B Laissez faire economics is a radical form of_____. Which side of the politcal spectrum does it represent? Capitalism, the right • Crown of Control • For slides 8-9 pick your enemy number • How did the rise of the middle class lead to a rise in democracy? • More people with more money means more people with education. No longer rich or poor. Middle Class majority will lead to people wanting to vote.

  9. Slide 8. A B What is the goal of socialism? Equality for everyone • Eraser of Doom • -3 points of enemy team • Name the three principals of Capitalism • Law of self interest, competition, supply and demand.

  10. Slide 9 A B What two classes did Marx say exists? What are the differences between them? Proletariat – the working people, bourgeoisie- the owners of production • Dice of many fortunes • Roll dice, add that many points to your score. (roll dice again, if same number subtract from your score) • Who has the power in a free market, and why? • Consumers, supply and demand, competition, buying power.

  11. Slide 10. A B What is the purpose of a union? The argue on behalf of the employees for better conditions/wages/benefits/etc • The Hammer of Destiny • +4 points • What does Karl Marx say will eventually happen to society?

  12. Slide 11 A B Who mastered the steam engine? Why was that such a big deal? James Watt, steam engine allows the creation of railroads steam powered boats, move supplies, and people far distances • Lantern of Dominance • +3 points right, - 4 points wrong • According to Adam Smith, how does an unregulated capitalist economy regulate itself? • Supply and Demand

  13. Slide 12 A B What type of employee was typically found working in a factory in Lowell Massachusetts Single women • Flip Flop of Fanaticalism • +1 right, - 3 wrong • Define Utilitarianism • Greatest good for the greatest number of people

  14. Slide 13 A B Shoe Buff of Showmanship This group of people were put out of a job by machines and destroyed machines in protest Luddites • This major North Western(U.S) city was born out of the industrial revolution/ railroads? • Chicago

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