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Active and passive voice

Active and passive voice

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Active and passive voice

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  1. Active Passive • Subject of the sentence performs the action. • Janet broke the window. • Correct • Good for writing clear, strong sentences. • Subject of the sentence receives the action. • The window was broken by Janet. • Also correct, but often not the best way to write your sentences. • Good if you really want to de-emphasize the subject (e.g. “Your pizza has all been eaten.” vs. “I ate all your pizza.” Active and passive voice

  2. I am writing to report an incident at work. On Monday, we mopped the floors of the restaurant. Brandy slipped when she was carrying out food. The food was spilled all over one of our patrons. The patron screamed at us for four minutes. When the patron’s food came out, beetles had been placed in his salad. Active or passive?

  3. Author and/or editor names. “Article name.” Title of the Website. Publisher information. Date you accessed the material.

  4. Atticus thinks Mrs. Dubose is brave. She is the bravest person he has ever known. This is because she broke herself of her addiction. She was addicted to morphine. She wanted to end her addiction before she died. Focus #5 Sentence combining

  5. Atticus compared racism to madness when he was talking to Uncle Jack. “Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don’t pretend to understand” (101). I think this maybe relates to the rabid dog in the next chapter. Make these sentences essay worthy!

  6. Atticus scout town 1. All people are created equal. 2. A person’s race does not determine that person’s character. 3. Females are delicate and should always be protected by males. 4. The verdict of a jury is always fair and just. Opinion Survey-

  7. Because of _________’s ________, things happened this way in the novel. Choose a character Choose a characteristic Bob Ewell race MayellaEwell gender Tom Robinson class Atticus Scout Pick a “because of” prompt and develop a CEEW paragraph around it.

  8. This illustration of the contents of a woman’s purse is from a 1930s magazine. Your task: Scout hears a lot about how a lady should act from a lot of different people. Choose a character from the novel (Jem, Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie, etc.) and think about what they say about the ideal woman. What would be in that ideal woman’s purse or handbag…or would she even have one? Make a picture or diagram like this one showing the contents.

  9. We’ll be working to recognize these in the world around us. Where might we see these? Persuasive Techniques

  10. Watch out for these! First…the fallacies

  11. “to the man” does not argue the issue. Instead, it argues or attacks the person. Person 1: I think there should be a smoothie bar at Gloucester for after school activities. Person 2: Have you seen how Person 1 eats? I would not trust them on any health food decisions. ad hominem

  12. assumes the conclusion is true without proving it; circular argument • Because cats are such dangerous pets, we must have ordinances governing how they are cared for in our apartment complex. Ordinances protect people from the dangerous pets of others. Begging the question

  13. a deliberate attempt to distract Of course Gloucester High School should get a smoothie bar. The academic success of our children should be our absolute priority with the school board budget. Red Herring

  14. creates the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a similar yet weaker proposition • Weaker proposition=straw man. It’s a lot easier to knock a straw man down than a real one. • Person 1: I think that we should shorten the library hours to help account for budget cuts. • Person 2: Person 1 wants to close down the library! Just think of the disastrous consequences for our students. Straw man

  15. a personal endorsement of the product or idea, often by someone famous Can you think of some testimonials in recent commercials? Testimonial

  16. establishes the writer as knowledgeable, fair, and trustworthy I’ve worked on research projects in the rainforest for seven years. Ethical appeal

  17. appeals strictly to emotions, often used with strong visuals Emotional appeal

  18. logical appeal – is the strategic use of logic, claims, and evidence. • Rainforests once covered 14% of earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6%. • Around 150,000 square kilometres of tropical rainforest, equivalent to the size of England and Wales, is destroyed every year. Logical appeal

  19. Balance: make your argument effective and credible

  20. • • • • Veggie therapy, Global Warming Train, Grim Reaper