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  1. GOSPEL : General Olfaction and Sensing Projects on a European Level A Network of Excellence (NoE) under funding of the European Commission in the 6th framework programme

  2. WHAT IS GOSPEL? GOSPELis a European network of excellence in Artificial Olfaction. Its primary objective is to make Europe the world leader in Artificial Olfaction and related science and technology. Its mandate charges the 25 European partners to ensure technological development and commercial exploitation of Artificial Olfaction and emerging advanced gas sensing technologies, creating a world class industry in the field.

  3. Network Objectives •  Integrate a consortium of first class research • groups into Centres of Excellence • Ensure lasting integration through the formation of ERIG – A European Research Interest Group •  Ensure industrial relevance to the cutting edge • research produced by the Centers of Excellence • Perform industry support activities • Support feasibility studies • Provide a comprehensive training and exchange programme

  4. Main scientific focus ofGOSPEL • Understand the biological sense of smell and mimic its relevant functions • Provide an objective, quantitative assessment of odour • Target also technically relevant and non- odorant gases even in complex mixtures

  5. Centers of Excellence … The network of GOSPEL researchers is integrated into three Centers of Excellence: ☼Hardware Work involves the development of robust nano and micro – systems with low power consumption to create cost effective, intelligent and reliable gas sensors. ☼Software The prime focus of the research is complex data analysis for pattern recognition and bio-inspired computational mechanisms for enhanced olfactory signal processing.

  6. …Centers of Excellence ☼Biomimetics The understanding of the biological process of olfaction is crucial for the development of olfaction technology. An important aspect of GOSPEL’s work is to bring together biologists investigating olfaction and researchers developing models mimicking the biological olfactory process.

  7. Why Artificial Olfaction?... Artificial Olfaction advances societal needs and improves the quality of life by enabling cost-effective advanced gas sensing solutions impacting areas including: • Healthcare e.g. non – invasive diagnosis of disease through breath analysis • Built environment e.g. air quality monitoring, fire detection • Security e.g. detection of explosives and chemical agents

  8. … Why Artificial Olfaction? • Transport e.g. the hydrogen economy, controlling exhaust emissions • Food safety e.g. contaminants and residues in food and feed • Manufacturing process and quality control

  9. TheGOSPELapproach to Artificial Olfaction… The role of GOSPEL is to ensure the creation of all the elements needed for the full cycle that starts with the basic research and knowledge-building in the field, continues with the elaboration of the technologies needed for the solving of relevant applications and the technology transfer towards the ones which will build the products elaborated on those technologies…

  10. …theGOSPELapproach to Artificial Olfaction This role is made possible by the assembly of research, integration and spreading excellence activities elaborated for the fulfilling of GOSPEL objective. Through all these activities GOSPEL will ensure the restructuring of the European research from an assembly of almost non-coordinated groups towards an effective scientific and technological powerhouse able to realise its goals and to be a relevant partner for all stake holders interested in various aspects of AO: developers of new applications, policy makers, companies interested in the commercial exploitation etc…

  11. …theGOSPELapproach to Artificial Olfaction

  12. GOSPEL Activities… • Ensure industrial relevance to the research produced by the GOSPEL Centers of Excellence • Provide services to enhance the exploitation of Artificial Olfaction technology • Develop legal structures for the exploitation of intellectual property

  13. …GOSPEL Activities • Provide training at different levels – from doctoral studies to the advanced education of senior scientists • Conduct exchange programmes • Disseminate information through workshops, conferences, exhibitions

  14. GOSPELAssociate Membership Complimentary Associate Membership of GOSPEL is open to any individual or organisation active in the fields of Artificial Olfaction and advanced gas sensing and sensor systems.

  15. GOSPELAssociate Membership Benefits of GOSPEL Associate Membership • Access to information from GOSPEL Centres of Excellence • Opportunities to participate in research and collaborative projects to develop the next generation of cost-effective micro-systems for Artificial Olfaction • Participation in feasibility studies and application demonstrations • Access to advanced technical training • Secondments to and from leading European research groups