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Indigo Group

Indigo Group

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Indigo Group

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  1. Indigo Group

  2. Indigo Group is a Australian Claims Recovery Group. It is very famous in south Australia. It's Head Office is in Perth. It was established in 1995 by brothers John & Michel Smith. Since then it has established good repution for itself. It has more than 500 employees working in 5 different offices across Australia. It is a very professional company & has positive reviews from many clients. Complaints of Indigo Group are adressed as soon as possible. This group has been recommended by many clients. Indigo Group is best claims recovery company in Australia.

  3. There are many companies in claim recovery field in Australia. But Indigo Group is most recognised company out of them. It has a repution of it's own in the field. The staff of this company is extremly knowlegible in it's domain. The customer care staff of the group is very polite. Their behaviour is extremly appreciated by the clients.

  4. Indigo Group was established in 1995. At that time it has only 50 employees. It has growen to 500 till 2012. Claims of millions of dollars of clients have been recovered successfully by the company. Companies legal expert's are very sharp minded. They would try to win the case in client's favour at any cost. Company's client list is also increasing with every passing day. Indigo Group is very reliable company.

  5. Laurie Truce Is A great Team Leader. Laurie Truce has been applauded by various authorities for his wonderful achievements. He is a highly qualified professional. His knowledge and experience in the industry have helped him develop excellent skills that help him in resolving complex issues and for motivating his teammates to achieve near perfection from their performance.

  6. Laurie Truce continues his work of directing activities aimed at identifying and disseminating innovative practices. Laurie Truce is a highly experienced and successful professional.

  7. Laurie Truce is a highly experienced businessman from South Brisbane. According to him, leading by example is the best way to encourage aspiring businessmen. He ventured into business world at his when he was just 19 years old. He is a graduate from Capella University, Minneapolis. So he believes in sharing his success so that it can inspire others to achieve what they want.

  8. Besides being a skilled entrepreneur, Laurie Truce is also a social worker. He is concerned to provide social and financial support to the underprivileged children. He provides better learning facilities for the children. Laurie Truce is also involved in a lot of charitable work and makes large amount of donations to various charities on an annual basis.

  9. Laurie Truce is a highly skilled businessman residing in Brisbane. Over the years he has become one of the most renowned personalities of the county. His keen interest in business has made him very successful in his field. Laurie Truce guides the aspiring businessmen in the right direction by sharing his knowledge and experience with them.

  10. He has won many awards with his hard work and determination. Laurie Truce has worked for many companies & achieved success wherever he went. He is loved by his co-workers. He is also famous for his charitable work. He has done a lot of charitable works. He usually give donations to many NGO's working for social service. Mitch Nielsen is a helper of poor & under priviledge children.

  11. Mitch Nielsen has worked on various prestigious projects with different companies. He is concentrating on creating jobs and helping people to have a better future. He is a great professional & very energetic person. He has achieved great success in his profession. He is greatly admired by his colleagues.

  12. He started his carrier at a young age. He is a graduate in commerce. He spent his many years in Perth. He can identify business opportunities quickly. He was never a job seeker, he was always a job provider. He created many jobs for youth. He has attended many seminars on Business Ethics & Professionalism. He is a grat orator.

  13. Mitch Nielsen has won many awards with his hard work and determination. He has worked for many companies & achieved success wherever he went. He is loved by his co-workers. He is also famous for his charitable work. He has done a lot of charitable works. He usually give donations to NGO's working for social service. He is a helper of poor & under priviledge children

  14. MItch Nielsen also works for energy conservation. He wants to make planer more greener. He supports all initiatives for energy conservation. He has suggested variuos techniques to industry for energy conservation. He believes all companies should use energy conservation techniques & it will even be economical for the companies.

  15. He lectures young business owners about current market situation & future prospects. People take him very seriously. He is considered most successful businessman in Perth. People for his advice on different issues. He never disappionts anyone.

  16. Mitch Nielsen is very active on social media sites. He regularly updates his social profiles. He has a lot of fan following on social media sites. He updates his status daily. A lot of people got inspiration from his advisable writings. He also likes to travel a lot.

  17. He travels across whole country especially countryside. Photography is also one of his passion. Wherever he goes he clicks a lot of photos. He meets a lot of people & inspires them to do good things in life. He asks people that they should help poor people. They should hepl poor in every other way.

  18. After being so successful in real estate business Mitch Nielsen entered in the reasaurant business in 2004. He opened a lot of restaurants in different states. He is very successful in this business also. He got success in all his business ventures. He never failed in any business.

  19. MItch Nielsen completed his graduation in 1993 from Perth University. He was a brilliant student. He topped in all his grades. He was never a blind follower. He was always like a leader. He has graet leadership qualities. That his why he achieved great success in all his business ventures.

  20. All his family members and frinds are very proud of him. Mitch Nielsen is well known person in Perth area. He is famous for his social activities & donation for social causes. People love him for his great deeds.