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The Online Volunteer Log ( Talbot County)

The Online Volunteer Log ( Talbot County). *Live as of February 19 th , 2013 8AM. First Steps:. Be sure I have your correct email address! If not, request correction from Administrator Look for email sent by administrator- temporary password provided

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The Online Volunteer Log ( Talbot County)

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  1. The Online Volunteer Log(Talbot County) *Live as of February 19th, 2013 8AM

  2. First Steps: • Be sure I have your correct email address! • If not, request correction from Administrator • Look for email sent by administrator- temporary password provided • Use link to go to http://www.agnr.umd.edu/MG/ and login with username and temporary password from email. • In the event a password is forgotten, you will need to contact Database Administrator for reset

  3. Go to: http://www.agnr.umd.edu/MG/ Click “Accept” Enter your login (or username) and password you created.

  4. You can either use the username provided, or make your own unique sign-in name. Set your password by typing into the “Password:” box. Pick your own unique password that you will remember. Remember to click “Save User” at the bottom to save any changes made to your profile page!

  5. To start entering your volunteer hours, click the tab labeled ‘Vol Hours Log.’ On the tab, you will click the Add Hours symbol to begin recording your volunteer hours.

  6. Tracking Your Hours • Volunteer hours should accurately represent the time. For example, if a meeting is 45 minutes: • Incorrect: 1 hour • Correct: 0.75 hour • You may not be reimbursed for travel- however, you can track your miles on your volunteer log and use the travel rate of $0.56/mile to take tax deductions. • If there is a guest speaker, that counts towards Continuing Education hours, not volunteer time. For example, the Master Gardener meeting is from 9:30-10:30, with a speaker from 10:30-11:15: • Incorrect: 1.25 volunteer hours • Correct: 1 volunteer hour for meeting, 0.75 hours of continuing education • Do not enter hours for multiple dates under one submission. Example: • Incorrect: On June 12th, 27 hours of weeding demonstration garden • Correct: June 6th- 4 hours weeding demo garden; June 13th – 3 hours mulching demo garden, etc.

  7. Begin Recording as Usual • Enter appropriate date • Select activity code • Look to descriptions on old log for reference • Site code: only if applicable • Enter hours spent on activity • Different activities on the same day have separate entries • Must enter a description of event to validate Don’t forget to save your entry!

  8. Submitting Hours for Approval Look to check boxes of activities to submit: With updated entries checked, you can submit hours to be approved by an administrator:

  9. After you update all entries and check the box of entries needing submission, you look to “Submit Hours to County”

  10. Hours that have been submitted, but not yet approved will be green. • Hours that have been submitted AND approved by an administrator will be blue. • Hours that have been submitted, but rejected by an administrator, will be red. • If hours have been rejected, look to comments tab for reasons or further instruction.

  11. Education Hours • Submitted same as volunteer hours • Be sure you are on the Education Log tab • Enter appropriate dates, hours, and activity. • A description is needed in order to save and/or submit your entries. • Check boxes of entries to be submitted, then hit “Submit Hours to County” to be approved. • Administrator will approve hours.

  12. Contact Mikaela Boley with questions clarification • For those without internet, computer, or email, paper submissions may still be accepted • Those uncomfortable with process or needing help, assistance will be available at monthly meetings or by appointment. • Talbot County Administrators: • Mikaela Boley: mboley@umd.edu • Lynn Freeburger: lsfrebgr@bellatlantic.net

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