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Steps to Cut Your Artificial Turf

Donu2019t get confused by the term u2018cutu2019. The blog doesnu2019t talk about pruning the artificial turf; you are not required to do it, of course!<br><br>For More Info Visit Our Site:- http://www.australianlawnwholesalers.com.au/<br>

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Steps to Cut Your Artificial Turf

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  1. Steps to Cut Your Artificial Turf Australian Lawn Wholesalers - Premium artificial grass direct from the wholesaler & save! Manufactured for the Australian Climate, Industry Leading products

  2. • Don’t get confused by the term ‘cut’. The blog doesn’t talk about pruning the artificial turf; you are not required to do it, of course! • Here it means how to put the ideal cuts when you install the artificial turf in Adelaide. The cuts in an artificial lawn must have the proper shape.

  3. What is the best way to cut the turf? • The common error people do while installing the artificial turf is they think that the ideal way is to install the lawn first and then cut whatever is extra. • However, it is a totally wrong approach. The right way is to measure the surface correctly on which the lawn is to be placed.

  4. • A uniform area with well-defined measures would result in a flawless installation. • The measures need to be close to the highest degree of accuracy. Don’t overlook the proportions either. • Once you know the measurements, it will be easy to cut and install the grass.

  5. • When you go to purchase the turf, you should calculate the area in square meters and buy a little more than the requirement. • Don’t forget the holes. You are not supposed to cut the turf at the ends only, but there are some holes as well. • Take a drain hole, for example. You need to make a hole on the turf to drain the rainwater.

  6. Cutting the turf • Cut the turf by pieces to carry out the installation process. • It has to be done with a lot of patience and not in a hurry. Carelessness will result in a lot of wastage. • Make markings on the backside of the lawn and not on the surface.

  7. • Use trimming shears or a sharp pair of clippers to cut into the turf. Lay out a grid in the area where you want to install the turf. • The grid squares need to be large but not unmanageable. • Cut the turf along with the grids. It is not a difficult task.

  8. • When you work in small areas, it is easier to have accurate measurement and cutting. • Follow a methodical approach to prevent unsightly and unnecessary adjustments. • A perfect turf with no wrinkles or bubbles mimics the natural lawn. The perfection of it depends on how nicely you cut it.

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