l a t e f i n a l s f a i l u r e n.
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L a t e F I N A L S = F A I L U R E PowerPoint Presentation
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L a t e F I N A L S = F A I L U R E

L a t e F I N A L S = F A I L U R E

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L a t e F I N A L S = F A I L U R E

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  1. Late FINALS = FAILURE Grandview High School Grades 11-12

  2. PANEL ONE The Problem

  3. The Problem Cherry Creek School District is one of the few school districts in Colorado that has final exams scheduled after Winter Break. This causes students to do poorer on exams first semester and not live up to their potential. It causes school grades to go down and students to forget what is learned before break and before the test dates. It also would be more convenient to have a schedule closer to those of the surrounding school districts to create more order and consistency.

  4. Current Policy CCSD high schools’ final exams are scheduled two weeks after Winter Break ends. Surrounding school districts such as Littleton Public Schools, Denver Public Schools and Douglas County Schools all take exams the week before Winter Break. See the CCSD schedule for more detailed policy.

  5. Current CCSD Schedule

  6. Disagreements Within the Community Some say that Winter Break gives students a time to study… but realistically very few do so. With so many holiday distractions and festivities, students rarely find time to study.

  7. SURVEY: Should Finals be Before Winter Break? YES NO

  8. SURVEY: Do You Forget Information Over Winter Break? YES NO

  9. SURVEY: Would You Like School to Start Earlier in August? YES NO

  10. PANEL TWO Alternative Policies

  11. We propose that, like most other surrounding school districts, Final Exams be scheduled the week before school is let out for winter break. Successful calendars have been used all over Colorado and are suggested for reference in creating a policy that would work for our school district.

  12. Alternative one(PREFERED) Use existing calendar making the following changes: • Shift all days 2 weeks earlier • Schedule the end of Semester One before the winter break (which is not changed by shifting all dates)

  13. Advantages -Customized schedule for the CCSD -Finals before Winter Break -School Starts and Ends earlier -Consistency with other school districts Disadvantages -Creating the new calendar -Less time for few students to study over winter break -Debates within the community Alternative One

  14. Alternative Two Adopt an existing calendar from a surrounding district. (Douglas County or Littleton)


  16. Panel Three Our Proposed Policy


  18. PROPOSED CALENDAR -Finals before Winter Break -Similar to surrounding school districts!

  19. Is It Constitutional? Yes, this is constitutional because other school districts have already used this system and it would not remove any days from the school year, but would only move around the days so that a more efficient school policy can be achieved.

  20. Agency of Government If any agency of government is needed, it would be the local government. However, most action taken on this matter would be against the school district itself. The district’s policy would be changed through the district only.

  21. Panel Four Action Plan

  22. Steps to Follow • Create a proposal for the calendar for the 2009-2010 school year • Propose the calendar to the current school principal • Principal proposes calendar to the committee that plans the school year • Put new schedule into effect and distribute to the entire district.

  23. Students (who enjoy their winter break), Teachers, Parents, and Administration. Students (who study over winter break), their parents and administration (who does not want change) Supporters OPPONENTS

  24. Community Opinions -Mr. Jansen (Grandview Assistant Principal) would support the idea of changing the schedule and says that most of GHS administration shares his opinion… He says that it would give everybody a fresh start after Winter Break. -Mr. Lundie (Grandview Assistant Principal) agrees with Mr. Jansen but adds that the students would gain two more weeks of learning that are wasted in between break and finals… he would support the idea of changing the schedule.

  25. Teacher Opinions • Mrs. Tari Wood (GHS science teacher) “…2 week break in which they are not processing the information – and they should be able to take a break! … they get a “slow start” which makes 3rd quarter a low performance time.” “[starting earlier in August] would give us a little more time go prepare students for certain exams (AP Exams in May especially).” -Mrs. Terri Bramhall (GHS Social Studies Teacher) “Many academic days are wasted after winter break because we have to review content form August in January.”

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