seo 101 use images to grow your organic traffic n.
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Use images to grow your organic traffic! - Leads Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Use images to grow your organic traffic! - Leads Dubai

Use images to grow your organic traffic! - Leads Dubai

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Use images to grow your organic traffic! - Leads Dubai

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  1. SEO 101: Use images to grow your organic traffic! A lot of websites lack images which puts them on the end when it comes to organic reach. When you use images correctly in your posts and on the site, you will automatically get recognition. SEO is easy unless people choose to complicate it. By incorporating more images, you will have an effective system towards SEO. Here are steps you can follow to rightly put images with your SEO plan: - 1. Relevant images– Yes, your images must be relevant and connected to the content. For example, if you are writing about dieting or certain foods, you cannot put someone exercising, you have to use an image of the food items mentioned in the content. That makes sense! 2. High-quality images are the best– You might use mobile clicked or not clear images on your social networking sites but along with your content, you must have high-resolution images. No one wants to see a blurry or image that is not too clear under a content. Your images captivate more readers and that’s why always find high quality ones for every paragraph or article. 3. Size is important– Make sure your images are of a good size and they cover your entire page well. Double check the graphic size of the image before it goes up on all your pages and site. Get a graphic designer to work on this with all the images! 4. Unique – Yes, unique images make it to the cut. We all know that viral images float around social media and pop up in newsfeeds every day. If you want to be noticed, then have unique images on your site. You will have viewers based on images too! Trust us, it works. Not everyone is willing to shell out a ton of money on SEO and due to the tight budget, we want nothing but organic reach. To gain that, you must use unique images. 5. Captions– Use your keywords and phrases in the caption of the images. You can use the keyword to save the image with that name too. This will increase your visibility on search engines and increase your ranks too. Keep in mind that the captions do not need to be too long or detailed, you can just write a sentence or two so that you are able to use the keyword in it.

  2. When opting for SEO services Dubai, make sure all your content has image. Your site too should have images throughout so it looks presentable and interesting. We all can agree that sometimes we just click on a story to see images and not read the content much. With having good articles that are helpful to the audiences, you can create images too which intrigue people. This will work wonders for your SEO strategy and speed up your process towards getting more traffic on the site. Don’t neglect images and use these 5 guidelines to increase your organic reach. Pictures play an essential part in SEO and you need to start using them more on your site.