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Klein High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Klein High School

Klein High School

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Klein High School

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  1. Klein High School

    Course Registration for 2014-15
  2. Requirements to Graduate

    Earn 26 State Credits Pass required State Courses Pass all the following EOC tests: English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, US History
  3. Graduation Plans

    Recommended Plan Distinguished Plan “To be eligible for admission at a Texas Four-Year Public Institution, students must successfully complete the Recommended or Distinguished high school program.” --Texas Education Code (state law)
  4. 26 total credits

    Recommended Plan

    4 years of English 4 years of Math 4 years of Social Studies 4 years of Science 2 years of Foreign Lang. 1 year of PE/Equivalent 1 year of Fine Art Communication Applic. OR Professional Communication Electives
  5. Distinguished Achievement Plan

    26 Credits Same course requirements as Recommended IPC does not count toward the science requirement 3 years of Foreign Language 4 Advanced Measures AP scores Dual Credit Articulated-prep courses Commended or Semi-Finalist on PSAT
  6. Pre-AP/AP/Dual Credit

    Rigorous coursework & more homework “Extra” grade points Be better prepared for college Advanced Measure for Distinguished Plan (AP tests scores of 3+, not just taking the class) Earn college credit
  7. English sequence: English 1 English 2 English 2 English 3 English 3 English 4
  8. Math Sequence:

    Advanced Math Skills Successful Math Performance Extra Support Needed for Math Success
  9. Science sequence: 4th science options: Advanced Animal Science Advanced Plant and Soil Forensic Science Aquatic Science Anatomy and Physiology Earth Space Science Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics AP *IPC will count as part of the Recommended Graduation Plan if taken prior to Chemistry and Physics and will not count toward the Distinguished Achievement Plan. **Be sure to check for prerequisites for the 4th year science options!!! Biology Chemistry Chemistry Physics Physics 4th science
  10. Social Studies sequence: World Geography World History World History US History US History Government/Economics
  11. Required Coursework

    Foreign Language Spanish French German Latin Recommended Plan requires 2 years (same language); Distinguished Plan requires 3 years (same language)
  12. 1 year of Fine Art: Art Band Orchestra Choir Theater Dance Color Guard Floral Design

    Required Coursework

  13. Required Coursework

    1 year of PE or Equivalent PE Athletics Cheerleading (S1 only) ROTC (substitution) Drill Team (substitution) Marching Band (S1 only, sub.) Can earn up to 4 PE/Equivalent credits
  14. Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Technology 15 Career Clusters Why take CTE? Learn about jobs Certification 2- or 3-period classes require planning!
  15. Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Cosmetology Agriculture Health Occupations
  16. Auto Tech

    Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Electronics Home Economics
  17. Technology Courses Fundamental Computer Science (grades 9-12) Computer Science 2 (grades 10-12) Digital Art & Animation (grades10-12) Digital Video Design (grades 10-12) Game Program Design—Fall semester (grades 9-12) Mobile Application Development—Spring semester (grades 9-12) Robotics Program Design (grades 9-12) Web Design (grades 9-12)
  18. Online Data Entry

    Meet with Counselor Bring Course Request Form Review at home via Parent Connection
  19. What you’re getting today:
  20. Course Selection Packet Course Selection sheet Course Request List sheet Introductory Letter 4-year-plan State Graduation Requirements
  21. State Graduation Requirements
  22. Transcript
  23. Course Request List sheet

    7 Class Periods 4 Core Classes + 3 Electives 1 Full-year Class = 1 Period 2 Semester Classes = 1 Period 2(+) Alternates Student and Parent Signatures
  24. 4-year-plan {on back of Course Request List sheet}
  25. Don’t forget these!
  26. Additional Information

    Class Catalog & CTE Catalog (both can be found online) Forms, info packets, and applications Classmates, teachers, and family Counselors – email, before/after school KHS website:
  27. To Do!

    Take home the packet & review thoroughly with a parent Reflect on information presented in the Career/Tech presentation (electives) Check for prerequisites, fees, forms, etc. Complete the Course Request List sheet & 4-year-plan—sign & have a parent sign Bring the Course Request List/4-year-plan sheet with you when your counselor calls you to meet with your counselor
  28. Work Hard. Graduate!