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Some of activity and project : “ Banca del tempo ” (“Time bank”) PowerPoint Presentation
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Some of activity and project : “ Banca del tempo ” (“Time bank”)

Some of activity and project : “ Banca del tempo ” (“Time bank”)

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Some of activity and project : “ Banca del tempo ” (“Time bank”)

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  1. It’s constituted on 7th January of 2008, as secondary office of Logos association family and underage of Palermo. After Palermo, other offices were opened in Sicily: Siracusa, Catania and Ragusa. The Association “Logos Family and Underage” is a no-profit making foundation involved in the promotion of enterprises within social solidarity, with particular care to family and underage.

  2. In Syracuse, “Logos” works as supporting, guiding and counselling for the family; particularly it gives support to the family to face the difficulties either of her natural cycle of life (adolescence, pregnancy, parenthood, elderly persons); or of unexpected crisis (conflicts, marital separation, violence inside the family, crisis of couple, cultural and social integration, adoption and fosterage, support for depression and disease).

  3. So, as first important stage of its enterprises, the association develops a “family multipurpose centre”, space of listening, privileged place where all the members of a family, in every age, can be listened with competence and respect, interest and attention and where they can be supported in a complete way in the resolution of different problems and difficulties .

  4. The services of Association are in fact: family mediation, interculturalmediation, psychological and social support, legal aid and fiscal advice. The family mediation is useful when a married couple is going to get divorced or separated: a qualified person interviews the couple, in order to understand their needs and to define a new family equilibrium, where the separated couple, even if lives in a new condition, becomes a couple but of parents. The social support is addressed to the immigrants and other vulnerable groups of population as elderly, families with disabled, for their integration in the territory. It includes also a fiscal advice which gives them information to make use for the service and facilitations.

  5. Some of activity and project: • “Banca del tempo” (“Time bank”) • “Culturadellalegalità” (“Culture of legality”) • “Parliamoneinsieme” (“Let’s talk together”) • “Women you can” (Lifelong Learning Programme) • “Corso pre e post parto” (Accompaniment during and after pregnancy) • “Madridigiorno”(“Mothers day”) • “Sportelloaffido”(foster care family)

  6. Thanks for Your attention