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How was the Songkran festival? Did you have a good time? PowerPoint Presentation
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How was the Songkran festival? Did you have a good time?

How was the Songkran festival? Did you have a good time?

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How was the Songkran festival? Did you have a good time?

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  1. Good morning! Good to see you all again. How was the Songkran festival? Did you have a good time?

  2. Yes, I did. What did you do during the holidays? I just went out to hang around with friends and splash water on people.

  3. I did that, too! I had so much fun. Now, it’s time to continue studying. The summer will be over soon.

  4. That’s right! Do you still remember what we talked about in our English class? It’s about Thai Cultural Heritage.

  5. Let’s review the lesson now. What is a cultural heritage? It’s all invaluable traits that have been passed on to us by older generations.

  6. Please be more specific! What are some aspects of Thai cultural heritage? Thai cultural heritage includes several components:

  7. What are they? Language Food Music & dance Traditions Beliefs Ways of life

  8. Languages spoken in Thailand come from various language families: What family do these languages belong to? Tai Family Thai Yo Lao Phuan Phuthai Kalerng

  9. What’s your mother tongue? I mean what’s your first language? My mother tongue is Khmer. Suay Khmer Austro-Asiatic

  10. Let’s talk about Thai food. Thai food is very popular throughout the world. That’s right. Do you know why?

  11. Thai food is delicious. Thai food is made from ingredients that contain nutrients. Thai food is nutritious.

  12. Nutrients: Protein Vitamin Carbohydrate Mineral Fat

  13. Ingredients: Meat Vegetables Spices

  14. Regional cuisine: Larp Somtam Koy Kaeng Om Jaew Hon Northeast

  15. From what region? Kaeng lueang Kaeng tai pla Pat sato South

  16. From what region? Kaeng hangle Kaeng Hoh Namprik ong North

  17. From what region? Tom yam Kaeng Khiewwan Panaeng Central Region

  18. We also talked about traditions and beliefs in Thailand. That’s right. There are various traditions practiced in Thailand.

  19. Traditions are based on beliefs. Some traditions have become festivals, with hilarious celebrations.

  20. Traditions: Bai Sri Sukhwan Hae Nang Maew Phuk Siew Hae Bang Fai Chak Phra

  21. Festivals: Songkran Loi Krathong Bang Fai Hae Thian Lai Rua Fai

  22. We also talked about music and dance, didn’t we? Yes, we did. We learned about various kinds of music and dance.

  23. It’s good to know that Thai music is well promoted and conserved. Thai people listen not only to Western music but also to Thai music.

  24. Types of music: Classical music Folk music Modern music

  25. Musical instruments Flute Saxophone Khaen Wote Trumpet Woodwind

  26. Musical instruments Guitar Banjo Phin Sueng Jakhe Stringed

  27. Musical instruments Drum Cymbals Krab Pong lang Percussion

  28. Thai Classical Dances Ram Mae Bot Ram Chui Chai Ram Sri Nuan Chat Chatri Etc.

  29. Thai Folk Dances Serng Manorah Len Nam Sang Sin Chai Tang Wai Etc. Northeast

  30. Thai Folk Dances Fon Gneaw Fon Leb Fon Thian Etc. North

  31. Thai Folk Dances Ten Kam Ram Khiaw Ram Klong Yaw Esaew Etc. Central Region

  32. Thai Folk Dances Nora Sila Mayong Rong Gneng Etc. South

  33. Another topic was Thai characteristics. We talked about foreigners’ feelings about Thai people. Their attitudes toward Thai people may be different.

  34. They may think of us as being: Generous Patriotic Friendly Talented Artistic Cheerful

  35. Finally, Thai people share a mutual pride. Everyone is proud of being a Thai citizen, a subject of His Majesty the King.