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The Art of Soul with Kayleen Asbo Dante’s Divine Comedy PowerPoint Presentation
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The Art of Soul with Kayleen Asbo Dante’s Divine Comedy

The Art of Soul with Kayleen Asbo Dante’s Divine Comedy

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The Art of Soul with Kayleen Asbo Dante’s Divine Comedy

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  1. The Art of Soul with Kayleen Asbo Dante’s Divine Comedy Fridays at St John’s in Petaluma at 7 pm Begins March 9 with a free open house and introduction

  2. Apollo,Dionysus,Nietzscheand MusicHistory Kayleen Asbo

  3. “Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young.” "Any musical innovation is full of danger to the whole state, and ought to be prohibited . . . when modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them.“ (Aristotle, The Politics, translated by T. A. Sinclair)

  4. Musike Therapeia

  5. 1872

  6. Richard and Cosima Wagner

  7. King Rudolph II and Neuschwenstein Castle

  8. The Wagner’s home at Tribschen

  9. Countess Marie d’Agoult and Franz Liszt

  10. The “impossible” Tristan und Isolde and conductor Hans von Bulow-it took eight years to bring it to stage

  11. 1872

  12. “The Birth of Tragedy presented a view of the Greeks so alien to the spirit of the time and to the ideals of its scholarship that it blighted Nietzsche's entire academic career. It provoked pamphlets and counter-pamphlets attacking him on the grounds of common sense, scholarship and sanity. For a time, Nietzsche, then a professor of classical philology at the University of Basel , had no students in his field. His lectures were sabotaged by German philosophy professors who advised their students not to show up for Nietzsche's courses.”-Marianne Cowan

  13. Pythia, John Collier (1891)Delphi

  14. What is Valued?Apollo : Intellect, Light, Elegance, GraceDionysus: Raw Emotion, Tragedy, Darkness, IntensityOracle at Delphi: Never Leave the Middle

  15. Orpheus- son of Apollo, priest of DionysusSymbol the snake and the egg

  16. Theater of Dionysus, Athens

  17. Athenian Theater reached its height in 6th century BCE

  18. The more you can hold sorrow, the better you can find joy-William Blake

  19. Apollo God of Light, the Sun, medicine, architecture, mathematics Order, balance, harmony, clarity Abstract thought Refined, elegant Major key mode Clearly defined meter Regular, moderate rhythm String instruments (lyre, kithara)

  20. Apollo

  21. Apollo and the Muses, Simon Vouet (1640)

  22. Apollo, Giovanni Tiepolo, (1752)

  23. Stoa, Athens

  24. ApolloPetrous Tabouris EnsembleParthenio Ton AlkmanThe Head- intellectLyre (strings)BalanceEleganceModerationClarity and logicSymmetry , proportionMajor key modePredictable rhythm and melodyCivilization: form and rulesGod of sun and lightLyric poetry- rhyme

  25. Apollo Belvedere

  26. Apollo and the Muses at ParnassusNicholas Poussin (1632)

  27. Apollo Slaying the Python

  28. Apollo and Daphne, Bernini

  29. John WilliamWaterhouse,Apollo and Daphne (1905)

  30. The Festival of DaphneLord Frederic Leighton

  31. Apotheosis of Homer,Ingres (1827)

  32. Dionysus- God of: Tragedy and Comedy, Stillness and mania, music, Ecstasy, wine, paradox, wildness, nature, Dismemberment, the Raw

  33. Gustave MoreauBirth of Dionysus

  34. Birth of Dionysus 405 B.C.

  35. Hermes Delivering Dionysus to Mount Nyssa

  36. Silenus Baby Dionysus

  37. Tragedy= “Goat Song”Chorus of satyrs

  38. Dionysian Mask, 2nd century BCE: Arts as Religion, not Entertainment

  39. Young Dionysus with Muses and Nymphs

  40. Lawrence Alma- TedemaThe Women of Amphissa( Bacchantes)

  41. BacchanteFrederic Leighton

  42. The Many Faces of Dionysus

  43. Effeminate AndrogyneLuigi Valadier(1774)

  44. Wild Masculine

  45. The Boy BacchusGuido Reni(1620)

  46. Dionysus,Bouguerreau

  47. Dionysus as Mature Man