why 8ft led tubes are the brightest tubes n.
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Features Of 8ft LED Tubes PowerPoint Presentation
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Features Of 8ft LED Tubes

Features Of 8ft LED Tubes

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Features Of 8ft LED Tubes

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  2. An overview LED tubes being available in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft in sizes are those that can be used in all the three segments -- residential, industrial and commercial. When it comes to industrial and commercial lighting, 8ft LED tubes take center stage because of several contributing factors and when such factors make these tubes widely applicable such as the interiors of factories, warehouses, convenience stores, retail shops, supermarkets, gas stations, malls, airports, schools, hospitals, motels, hotels, homes & offices.    In order to move forward with the present discussion, let’s study those factors one after the other. 8ft LED Tubes -- Wide Variety of Choices Available The 8ft LED tubes offer plenty of choices when it comes to wattage, lumen output, trim, base, color temperature and ballast replacement option. Wattage: 40W and 48W Lumen Output Range:4800-5800 lumens Trim Type:Clear & frosted Base Type:FA8 (single pin) & Rotatable R17D (HO) CCT: 4000K (neutral white light), 5000K (neutral-day white light) & 6500K (cool white light) Ballast Replacement Option:Ballast compatible, ballast bypass or hybrid form As a commercial user, you may get confused between different set of choices, especially if you are going to have 8ft LED tubes installed for the first time. It would then be best to do a photometric analysis of your premise and then consider an option.

  3. 8ft LED Tubes -- Features The 8ft LED tubes possess those features which make these tubes outstand the traditional fluorescent tubes. Read on. Flicker-Free One of the major problems with fluorescent tubes is they flicker when they start and along with flickering, also produce a humming sound.  Most users of fluorescent tubes have complained to their manufacturers about this problem on many occasions but there simply is no recourse.  Just imagine, how irritating it can get, when using these traditional tubes in the commercial or industrial workplace. Energy-Efficiency This is by far the greatest advantage of 8ft LED tubes, when these tubes can bring almost 75% less consumption of power than the traditional fluorescent tubes. It is by design the LED tubes draw less power and this is what enables users choose 8ft LED tubes over the fluorescents. Long Lifespan & No Lumen Depreciation The 8ft LED tubes are also preferred over the fluorescents is because they last much longer than them. While the 8ft fluorescent tubes can last for 30,000 hours at the maximum, the 8ft LED tubes last for 50,000 hours+ even if you used these tubes for 24 hours a day.     While long lifespan stands to be the reality, there’s another truth about LED tubes that they don’t lose out on their lumens as much as fluorescents when they start getting closer to the end of lifespan. The research tells us that most tubes of the LED kind retain up to 95% of their lumens.

  4. 8ft LED Tubes -- Easy Installation One of the most difficult aspects of having tubes in your commercial or industrial workstations is their installation, operation and maintenance. Fortunately enough, the 8ft LED tubes are those that do not pose any problem during installation. Now, you may prefer to choose 8ft LED tubes which are compatible with your existing ballasts or have those that can be installed by bypassing your ballasts. Bypassing your ballasts in most cases is a better option because with ballasts drawing lot of current, there are chances of ballasts failing in future and the energy that you save will also be much lesser than what you actually expected.

  5. Conclusion The industrial or commercial lighting may take several forms and shapes but when it comes to brightening up your space with 8ft tubes, remember, it can not get better than 8ft LED tubes. The 8ft LED tubes have the capacity to achieve optimal outcomes, be it lumen output, energy-efficiency, longer lifespan etc. The 8ft LED tubes by some manufacturers are not just energy-efficient but also make your commercial, industrial or residential spaces look aesthetically pleasing.