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LED Tube Lights-Features PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Tube Lights-Features

LED Tube Lights-Features

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LED Tube Lights-Features

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  1. Main Features of LED Tube Light

  2. Main Features of LED Tube Light To replace the fluorescent tubes LEDMyplace has manufactured an LED Tube Light with the standard ceiling light. This lighting fixture is suitable for an indoor application like a residential area, garages, storage areas, and many indoor areas. This LED tube has been manufactured to save energy consumption and reduce the cost of energy bills by 65 to 75%. You can select the type of tube fixture as per your requirement.

  3. Types of LED Tube Light • Type A: This tube is ballast compatible, simply just plug the tube and lighten up your indoor areas. • Type B: This type of tube doesn’t require a ballast to operate. Simply plug it into the socket. • Type A+B: This tube fixtures in a combination of type A and Type B. The ballast is attached into the fixture. You just need to hook them on indoor walls.

  4. Main Features ofLED Tube Light Energy Savings: As compared to old traditional tubes these LED Tubes doesn’t consume high energy. These tubes are famous to save energy and money on energy bills. Long Lifespan: These tubes do have longer operation life as compare to sodium tubes. Sodium tubes have 10,000 - 12000 hours life and LED tubes has 50,000 hours even more than that without any high maintenance cost. Lighting Performance: LED Tubes distributes the quality light to the targeted surface area. CCT can detect the color of light. Our tubes have 4000K (natural white light), 5700K (day white light), and 6500K (cool white light). These color temperatures are perfect for indoor applications.

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