an led corn bulb is a must to replace n.
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Why Dimmable LED Corn Bulb Is Best Energy-Efficient Bulb? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Dimmable LED Corn Bulb Is Best Energy-Efficient Bulb?

Why Dimmable LED Corn Bulb Is Best Energy-Efficient Bulb?

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Why Dimmable LED Corn Bulb Is Best Energy-Efficient Bulb?

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  1. AN LED CORN BULB is a must to replace the incandescent for Energy Savings

  2. An LED Corn Bulb is a must to replace the incandescent for Energy Savings LEDMyplace offers the most energy-efficient lighting solutions at affordable price. Among them, the LED Corn Bulb is one of the brightest and the most energy-efficient bulbs for effective lighting with a beam angle of 360 degrees. Suitable to both commercial and industrial applications, it is waterproof rated that is a must for performance as an outdoor LED luminaire. The bulbs come between 20-125 watt at LEDMyplace and are eligible to fully replace the incandescent light. LEDs arranged like corn kernels on a corn cob make up a corn bulb. A 100W corn bulb can provide high energy-efficiency and high lumen output of 11,852 lumens. This luminaire has a CRI of 80+ to provide for better viewing of objects in real natural light. It also has a good thermal management, an extended lifespan and easy installation option. This environment friendly product is completely non-toxic and free from harmful radiation. Most of the corn bulb fixtures are ETL/Energy Star & FCC listed. What Features Make This Light Different From Other Lighting Fixtures? Low Energy Consumption: LED corn bulb from LEDMyplace are excellent energy-saving alternatives to any HID or metal-halide bulbs. A 100W LED corn bulb can easily replace a 400W metal-halide bulb and you save 300 watts of energy. 360 degree Beam Angle: Our LED corn bulb uses the latest LED Cob chips from Epistar to project light in a 360-degree fashion. The corn bulb attains faster cooling and longer lifespan. High CRI: Having a CRI 0f above 80, this corn bulb can give object clarity with natural look and feel from all directions.

  3. High Lumen Output: A 100w LED corn can provide 11,852 lumens thus allowing the commercial users to showcase their merchandise from all directions in order for the viewers get a brighter comfortable daylight. Easy To Install: LED corns bulb are just plug and play devices. In most cases, you will just need to bypass the ballast when retrofitting the existing fixture. Most of them come with E39 or Mogul Base/Just Screw- In to make for a convenient retrofit to existing fixtures with E39 sockets. Heat Dissipation: A high grade aluminium heat sink allows for the fixture to remain cool so the bulbs don’t heat up and provide a longer life operation. Long Lifespan: Being LED by nature, these lights do work for at les 50000 hours without maintenance or repair. The heat sink gives them additional life support so it remains trouble-free through their entire life. Rebate-Eligibility: The product being DLC approved allows you to have a rebate from the power companies once it’s installed. Manufacturer’s Warranty: This This product comes with a 5 years warranty to enable your use of the product a safe and satisfactory experience.