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Timeline of the Crusades PowerPoint Presentation
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Timeline of the Crusades

Timeline of the Crusades

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Timeline of the Crusades

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  1. Timeline of the Crusades 1095 to 1291

  2. 1291 1192 Timeline 1187 1187-1192 1144 1147-1149 1098 1099 1096 1097 1095

  3. Pope Urban II Urban preaches at the council of Clermont

  4. Pope Urban II The Council at Clermont

  5. Timeline

  6. The First Crusade The first crusade was joined by men, women and children all intent on making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

  7. The First Crusade

  8. Crusaders Arrive in Constantinople The crusaders arrive in Constantinople which is the agreed upon rendezvous point.

  9. The Nicean Creed Nicea was the first city the Crusaders encountered. It had only been under Turkish Islamic rule for 20 years. The Crusaders returned this city to Byzantine rule , fulfilling their promise to Alexius I

  10. Crusaders surounding Nicea Timeline

  11. The Siege of Antioch The siege of Antioch lasted for 9 months. The Crusaders were able to enter the city after a betrayal by one of the city’s guards. Antioch had religious significance to the Crusaders.

  12. Siege of Antioch

  13. The Siege of Antioch The treatment of the original citizens of Antioch was especially brutal. Timeline

  14. Maarat Al-Noman The crusaders were especially brutal in Maarat Al-Noman. Their own historians reported incidences of cannibalism . Chroniclers, such as Radulph of Caen, who participated to the siege of Maarat, describe such scenes without a hint of moral justification: "In Ma'arra our troops boiled pagan adults in cooking-pots; they impaled children on spits and devoured them grilled."

  15. War Atrocities Crusaders throwing the heads of Muslims during a battle Timeline

  16. Jerusalem Even today the walls of Jerusalem remain very high.

  17. Arial View of Jerusalem

  18. Jerusalem Crusaders taking Jerusalem The Crusaders used a siege tower to breach the high wall of Jerusalem.

  19. Siege Towers

  20. Crusader Kingdoms

  21. Timeline

  22. Imad Il-Din Zengi Retaking Edessa Timeline

  23. The Second Crusade On this Crusade Kings were persuaded to join the holy cause. The most important of which was Louis VII

  24. Map Timeline

  25. Salah Il-Din Saladin was a Kurdish general under NoorIlDinZengi He was very ambitious. After consolidating all of Egypt under his command, he wanted to take Syria from Noor Il-Din. When Noor Il-Din dies, Salah Il-Din is able to unify Egypt and Syria.

  26. Hattin Modern day picture of the site of the Battle of Hattin One of the mort decisive Battles of all time.

  27. Battle of Hattin

  28. Retaking Jerusalem After the Battle of Hattin, Saladin was able to enter Jerusalem peacefully. Unlike the Crusader conquest 90 years earlier, Saladin was able to enter without bloodshed.

  29. After Salah Il-Din's Victories Crusader holdings were a fraction of what they once were. Timeline

  30. Before the 3rd Crusade The main objective was to recapture Jerusalem but to do that they needed a foot hold on the coast. They chose to attack Acre in Northern Palestine,

  31. The Third Crusade

  32. Siege Of Acre 3rd Crusade The objective was to get Jerusalem back Timeline

  33. Truce Negotiations Salah Il Din and Richard I negotiate a truce Timeline

  34. Acre Acre returns to the Muslims in 1291 Timeline