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  1. Name: SooChing TingMatrix no.: A146939Faculty: PharmacyCourse: PharmacyName of programme: PestaAngPow (PAP) ke-15 No. kelulusan: DN00189/2014Date: 21 March to 12 May 2014Place: DewanSerbaguna, KolejTun Syed Nasir (DSBG KTSN)Position hold in the programme: Exco of Publicity


  3. I have designed poster, banner and flyer using Microsoft Power Point. I have also designed the logo of PAP ke-15 by using ‘Mei TuXiuXiu’ application. • I have searched the pictures from Google Image which must be high resolution so that when put and crop the pictures in front of the background of poster and banner, the pictures will not look blur. If the pictures are unclear, the posters and banners cannot be printed out. • I have adjusted the sizes of poster and banner according to the correct ratios when designing using Microsoft Power Point. If the sizes are inaccurate or did not follow the ratio, then the posters and banners are unable to be printed out as well. • Seniors who are former Exco of publicity had given me advice on the amount of posters, banners and flyers should be printed out to avoid shortage and also wastage. I have printed out 10 coloured posters and 10 black and white posters. • I had to staple the posters on the notice boards at campus and college (KTSN). I have printed 2 banners to be hanged at campus and college. I had to go to BahagianKeselamatan of campus to apply for hanging of the banner.

  4. Banner Poster

  5. I also designed flyers. After the flyers were printed, I had to go to every room at every block to staple the flyers on each notice board on the doors. • All the printing of posters, banners and flyers were printed out at Smart Print Station which is located in front of our campus. I stapled the flyers on the notice board of every room Flyer

  6. To do the promotion video, I have recorded the videos and pictures of the performers of PAP during the rehearsal using DSLR camera. After that, I cropped and combined the video by using movie maker. Before that, I used YouTube downloader to convert the files to MP4 form. Youtube link for promotion video: Taking video of choir’s practising for promotion video

  7. I have opened one publicity group at Facebook for the publics to ‘like’ our page. It can promote our programme. • I have included the pictures of the performers during their practice and the committee members preparing for the programme in the page to let others know a little of our programme activities and attract them to watch our performance. • I have also uploaded promotion video which contains small part of every performance in the Facebook page. The Facebook like page of PAP ke-15 admin by Publicity group Facebook link for promotion of PAP:

  8. As Exco of Publicity, I need to contact with the representatives of Chinese Club or event of UKM Bangi and other universities to invite them watching our performance. • I contacted them formally via sending invitation letter through email and informally via text messaging. • After confirm with them about the attendance and amount of people, I need to inform Exco of Special Task to arrange the seats for the students.

  9. Furthermore, I need to inform the reporters from various Chinese Newspaper company to invite them to come so that they will help us publicise or programme in the newspaper. • Before that, I need to confirm with Exco of Protocol about the invited VVIP so that I can convince the reporters to come and help us write a news report in the newspaper. • However, the reporters cannot come to our event at the last minute. Hence, we had to write the report of programme ourselves and send to the reporters via email. Finally, after edited by them, our report was published in the ChinaPress Newspaper. I learned to be calm whenever unexpected things happen and try to work out the best solution. News report of PAP event in ChinaPress Newspaper

  10. I had also learned to make Chinese knot from Exco of Marketing to sell with the Marketing group on the day of event. Learning to make Chinese knot

  11. On 3 March 2014, we had an official photography session at DSBG from 8pm to 10.30pm. • Photograph of PAP ke-15’s committee members Photograph of MajlisTertinggi and Publicity group

  12. We had a MV shooting at the college and also at Taman TasikTitiwangsa on 9 March 2014 (7.15am-12pm). The MV shooting was used for the multimedia show during the day of event. Youtube link for MV PAP shooting on 9 March 2014 (7.15am-12pm): Photo during MV shooting.

  13. PAP’s closing ceremony by Marketing and Publicity group Help to clean DSG after the programme ended