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Monster Secrets An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job

Monster Secrets An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job. ValleyWorks Career Center Dan DeMaioNewton & Christal Dionne September 27, 2010. We Must Make This a Thing of the Past. Poised. What’s Going on with Local Jobs Your Resume Networking Interviewing Monster Secrets

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Monster Secrets An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job

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  1. Monster SecretsAn Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job ValleyWorks Career Center Dan DeMaioNewton & Christal Dionne September 27, 2010

  2. We Must Make This a Thing of the Past

  3. Poised

  4. What’s Going on with Local Jobs Your Resume Networking Interviewing Monster Secrets Insider Insights to Getting the Job Getting the Offer Agenda

  5. Overall Job Demand is Dropping after having Risen for Several Months.

  6. Overall Job Demand in Boston is Climbing Out of a Hole.

  7. Overall Job Demand in New Englandhas Declined Since June.

  8. Top 10 States with Greatest Demand Source: Monster Employment Index, Aug 2010

  9. The Top 10 Occupations in Demand in Boston Area MEI Occupation Index Installation, Maintenance, and Repair 145 Food Preparation & Serving 136 Education, Training & Library 119 Healthcare Practitioners and Technical 118 Transportation and Material Moving 112 Construction and Extraction 111 Community and Social Services 108 Management100 9. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports & Media 94 10. Business and Financial Operations83

  10. The Bottom 10 Occupations in Demand in Boston MEI Occupation Index Legal46 Office and Administrative Support50 Healthcare Support 51 Life, Physical, & Social Science 63 Sales and Related 63 Architecture and Engineering64 Computer & Mathematical 64 Protective Service 74 Military Specific 76 Building, Grounds Cleaning, Maintenance78

  11. The Latest from the Unemployment Front

  12. A Recruiter’s View of the World

  13. The Power of an Education

  14. The Power of an Internship

  15. Regional Vice President Shift Operations Manager Department Manager Area Manager Manager Trainee

  16. Web Developer Database Analyst Usability Testing Quality Assurance Business Development Architect Business Analyst Web Designer

  17. Calendar of unique local job-related events Networking Groups Career Fairs Seminars Workshops Discussion Forums Hidden Jobs Exposed News for Job Seekers Better Job Hunting Articles Phantom Job Seeker Recruiter News Success Stories Tools for Networking Group Leaders The Lighter Side Social and Professional Profiles, Endorsements, and Member Objectives Job Seeker News feed Job Seeker-related videos Dan’s Job-Seeker-related presentations

  18. What is Your Resume Saying?

  19. What is Your Resume Saying?

  20. What is Your Resume Saying?

  21. On YourResume

  22. What’s in a Name? What You Name Your Online Resume Matters! Learn From the Mistakes of Others… • Using only your name • Ed McDonald Resume • Dudley’s Resume • Only putting a title Systems Administrator Equity Research Laborer • Sounding desperate • Hungry and Dependable • I Want To Do Something Else, But I’m Not Sure What It Is • Too cute Is the grass greener? • Telling nothing • zzz • MyResume • June 2009 • Candidate Management • Typos • Seeking Retail Or Hospitality ManagmentPostion • Account Management expereince • Highly Ambitious Leader Professional Seeks Oppertunity. • Dating yourself Senior Technology Leader 2007

  23. Resume Naming: Best Practices • Show Them Where You Want to Be • Recruiter “Sees” You and Wants to Learn More • Exceptional Executive Assistant specializing in wearing many hats. • Hard Charging Executive Manager Who Gets The Job Done! • Peter Summerhill – MBA w/ Extensive Operational Experience • Career Changer – from controller to early childhood education • Experienced Professional: Results * Customer Loyalty * Leadership • Dynamic Financial Professional seeking a growth-oriented company

  24. Your Email Address Matters • Use a professional email address • Free email • How do you want your potential employer to imagine you? • drunkman@latsirhc.com or Jane.Smith@latsirhc.com

  25. Highlight Your Strengths Create your hooks! • What are your strengths? • What is most relevant to your potential employer? Reel them in!

  26. Customize Your Resume • Create a Complete Master Resume and Modify Versions for Every Job to which You Apply • Identify critical words and phrases in Job Postings • Include exact matches of critical words and phrases in your resume and cover letter. • What does HR know about the position they are trying to fill?

  27. Use… Who would you hire? $ Account manager for advertising agency. OR Managed 15 strategic accounts billing in excess of $15MM annually. Dollar Amounts % # Sold widgets to clients located in the Midwest. OR Increased sales by 17% in a 5 state territory. Percentages Numbers

  28. Resume Length • Keep to the point. • Summarize your general responsibilities • List a few bulleted accomplishments. • Include words from the job description in your resume. • Keep your experience current and relevant. • Recruiters do not care what you do in your spare time. • Font size • Font Size • Font Size

  29. Typoes and Pour Punctuation; • Recruiters spend 15 seconds scanning your resume. • Their Goal: Find any reason to eliminate your resume. • Your typos make it easy for them, hard for you. “If you don’t care enough about spelling a word, how can I trust you to do a job?” 40

  30. Your Attitude • Choose words that reflect a positive attitude. • Leave out negatives and irrelevant points. • Age discrimination • Inapplicable Duties • Be positive about your previous position or employer.

  31. Do the Resume Reel With Others Hand your resume to someone. They have 15 seconds to look at it. Take it away. Ask, “What 3 things did you notice about my resume.” No judgments, just facts. What they recall are your “hooks.” Ask, “What 3 mistakes or weak areas did you notice?” What they recall are your “holes” Repeat with others Friends Networking contacts Family Strangers

  32. The Six Word Resume • Scan and reflect on your career • In six words exactly: • Define your career intentions • Summarize your career history • Be unique • Do this foremost for yourself • Don’t be afraid to be: • Tragic • Insightful • Funny • Inspiring • Human

  33. On Informational Interviews

  34. What is the One Question You ALWAYS End an Informational Interview with?

  35. The Informational Interview Two-Step

  36. Monster Secrets

  37. There are Two Ways Job Seekers Get Hired by Online Boards Hunting Being Hunted

  38. Top 15 Search Phrases by Job Seekers – US Jan 2010 • Sales 1,709,562 • Customer Service 986,362 • Accounting 912,219 • Marketing 686,214 • Manager 568,556 • Human Resources 519,705 • Retail 474,283 • Part time 457,659 • Administrative assistant 440,308 • Construction 407,312 • Warehouse 401690 • Engineer 385,357 • Nurse 384,810 • Finance 329,009 • Receptionist 321,683

  39. Top 15 Search Phrases by Job Seekers – Boston, Feb 2010 • Sales 20,169 • Marketing 19,725 • Accounting 10,214 • Engineer 8,964 • Finance 8,821 • Administrative assistant 8,392 • Nurse 8,024 • Customer Service 8,021 • Human Resources 7,755 • Construction 6,381 • Project Manager 5,884 • Retail 5,803 • Executive Assistant 5,782 • Manager 4,958 • Part time 4,556

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