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Ninety Six High School

Ninety Six High School. Summer Reading Choices Summer 2008. Why have a summer reading program?. Students who read during the summer are more successful in school than students who do not read. We want all of our students to be successful so we have a summer reading program. Who participates?.

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Ninety Six High School

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  1. Ninety Six High School Summer Reading Choices Summer 2008

  2. Why have a summer reading program? Students who read during the summer are more successful in school than students who do not read. We want all of our students to be successful so we have a summer reading program.

  3. Who participates? All students who will be in 9th-12th grade at Ninety Six High School during the 2008-2009 school year.

  4. What do students do? • Choose a book from the summer reading list (Posted on school web page and in this presentation) • Turn in a book choice form by April 14, 2008 • Read the book by August 28, 2008 • Attend large book groups and small book groups on August 29, 2009 • Complete an optional project about the book and turn it in on August 29 to earn a coupon worth 2 extra points (See last page for details)

  5. Evaluation of last summer’s program 75% of students report that they read the book they selected 60% reported that they read the book and gave the program a positive evaluation 14% report that they read more than one book 68% report that they would recommend the book they chose to a friend

  6. Things the students liked about the program The school got the books for us You could choose which book to read Speakers Small discussion groups Read different books than normal Included all students, not just honors Keeps us in mental shape Had plenty of time to read

  7. Student suggestions to improve More book choices More variety and diversity in books Talk to actual writer Give out two books to read One on one time with speakers

  8. Slam by Walter Dean Myers Greg Harris’s thing is basketball. When he transfers from his Harlem high school to a more challenging magnet school nearby, he struggles to fit in and to claim his place on the basketball team. New friends and old friends help him and hurt him, but basketball keeps him sane and hopeful. Easy (750 L) 266 pages

  9. Jude by Kate Morgenroth Jude has been raised by a single father who is a drug dealer. When Jude’s dad is murdered in a drug deal gone bad, he learns that his birth mom is the district attorney and she’s running for mayor on an anti-drug platform. Life is complicated as Jude goes to live with his mom and tries to establish a relationship with her. Things go from bad to worse as Jude tries to find his way through the maze of politics and emotions and shady people both from his former life and from his mom’s life. Average (800 L) 394 pages

  10. The First Part Lastby Angela Johnson Bobby, 16, has the responsibility for raising his daughter, Feather. His parents are supportive, but insist he be responsible and take care of Feather. He is overwhelmed with school and child care. Life as he knew it is gone forever. We learn through flashbacks why the baby’s mom is out of the picture. Easy (790 L ) 131 pages

  11. The Things They Carriedby Tim O’Brien This novel, about U. S. foot soldiers in Vietnam, brings to life the conditions and emotions of their lives as they slough through paddies. They carry many things, 15 or more pounds of gear, helmets that weigh 5 pounds, letters, snacks, malaria tablets, tranquilizers, socks, dope, condoms, illustrated New Testaments, diaries and comic books. They also carry things in their minds and hearts like hope, dreams, and shame. Challenging(880L) 273 pages

  12. Swallowing Stonesby Joyce McDonald Michael,17, can’t resist firing his birthday gift, a rifle, into the air. The next day he hears that a man working on a roof a mile away was killed by a stray bullet. Jenna, also 17, can’t believe her dad was killed while working on the roof. She is obsessed with the need to know who fired the bullet. Both lives are in shambles, all because of an unthinking accident, or was it a crime? Average (820L) 245 pages

  13. Clover by Dori Sanders Ten year old Clover is being raised by her stepmother. The catch is that Clover is black and her stepmother is white and her father was killed in a car accident on the day of the wedding. Clover’s stepmother moves into the family home and seems to have peculiar ideas about food and other matters. Both struggle to cope with grief and adjust to their new life. Average (820L) 183 pages

  14. Projects for Extra Credit Students may complete a project about their summer reading book and turn it in to their small group leader on Fri., Aug. 29, 2008 to earn a coupon worth 2 grade points which may be applied to the subject of choice at the end of the first nine weeks grading period. The project will be graded as pass or fail by the small group leader. Projects must meet the guidelines below:

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