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  1. Preposition Yao & Sophie

  2. Preposition: Used before a noun or a noun phrase to show time, place, movement

  3. Be made of: physical changing (can see the material) Desk is made of wood. The class is made of 60 students. Be made from: chemical changing (can not see the material) Her dress is made from silk. The wine is made from grapes.

  4. Agree with+sb • I agree with you about this. • Agree to + verb/sth ( this thing must be can implement or accept some things that you not like from other people ) • They agree to start at once. • I was forced to agree to it, but at heart I didn’t quite agree with it. • Agree on+sth (this thing may be can implement or the thing be accepted by both sides ) • We agree on the plan

  5. Lie in: Place A in the area of place B Guangdong lies in the South of China. Toronto lies in Canada. Lie on: Place A out the area of place B, and place A has long distance to place B. Japan lies to the east of China. Lie to: Place A out the are of place B, but place A abut place B. North Korea lies to the east of China.

  6. Give to : just give , action . Could you give your pen to me ? Could you give some help to me? Give for (exchange, sacrifice ) Every mother often give too much love for us. They gave us $ 1000 for our old car ( coequal exchange ) How much will you give me for these two games?

  7. Call for : 1) require the baby is calling for his mother. 2) demand Our class calls for a debate on the subject Call up: 1) make a telephone call (ring up) please call me up tomorrow : my telephone number is 125324. 2) arouse from sleep Shall I call you up at six tomorrow morning ? Call in : 1 ) ask to come or go in Please call Peter in. 2) invite, summon How many friends did you call in ?

  8. Do You have any Questions?

  9. Turn on/off Turn sb on/off Turn back/ Turn sb back Turn sb back/ Turn sb away Turn out: have a particular result Turn in: hand in Turn into: become sth different

  10. Knock off : finish Knock around : hit sb several times Knock down : 1.destroy 2. on sale Knock back: 1. drink a large qualianty of water 2. cost a lot of money Knock into: join together

  11. Die of : an illness: cold, hungry….. Die from: an accident: wound, overwork, drinking… Die for: donate oneself in, sacrifice for Die off: a group of people or animal die one by one Die out: stop existing completely