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Protect Your Company Assets PowerPoint Presentation
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Protect Your Company Assets

Protect Your Company Assets

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Protect Your Company Assets

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  1. Protect Your Company Assets

  2. Patents, copyrights and trademarks - These are legitimate filings that archive your proprietorship and make certain lawful securities to help you ensure your property. Keeping in mind the end goal to get a patent or trademark, you should present an application to the proper administrative office clarifying why the benefit is exclusive to you. Despite the fact that you do claim copyrights without documenting, you ought to record to completely ensure those rights

  3. Confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements - These records submit a gathering to keep firm information and data classified and out of the hands of unintended assemblies. They are intended to ensure your significant prized formulas. These assertions can be exceptionally basic or extremely point by point, contingent upon the prerequisite.

  4. Employment agreements – These understandings stipulate that all organization resources are exclusive and that unapproved exposure of private data, for example, valuing methods, client records and other information and data is disallowed. Likewise, these assertions help guarantee that any development or revelation made by a representative while utilized with the organization is the property of the organization.

  5. Computer passwords, safes and locked file cabinets - can confine access to restrictive data, yet just in the event that you utilize them.

  6. Data backup – secure reserves for everything that is vital. Advanced records ought to be brought down on a server that is in an alternate area or on a zip disk or CD that is kept under your relative sleeping pad alongside duplicates of critical physical archives. Completely don't endeavor to store anything vitals in your mind.

  7. Employment Background Checks - the best way to secure assets is through running a employment background check. How can running an employment background check be of relevance to such matter? Simple, by running a employee background check, employers will be able to guarantee that the employees they hire have no criminal records and are trustworthy. Having employees that have clean records minimizes the chances of having the important assets of the company exploited and exposed.

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