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Ken Carter

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Ken Carter

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  1. Ken Carter By,Mashala Grimes

  2. Ken Carter * Ken Carter was Born in 1959,in Fernwood, Mississippi. *With his passion being basketball he becomes a coach and teaches kids the importance of an education, work and discipline.

  3. Colleges!!!!!! ken carter attended… Gorge Fox University San Fransico University and Costa College.

  4. His Family *At the end of his last year in high school and beginning of college he propose and got married to his wife Mrs. Carter. *Then they had a son name Damien. Damien also followed in his fathers foot steps and became a basketball player.

  5. His Hobbies basketball (of course) basketball coach barber baseball golf

  6. Why is he so Important??? *He motivated his basketball players to get an education and succeed in life. *All of the basketball team had a set goal of getting a 2.3 GPA. Most of the kids went over and beyond that goal. *Good role model to kids and young adults.

  7. Coach Carte r the Movie!!!! *The movie came out in the year 2005. *Samuel L. Jackson played Ken Carter.

  8. Achievements and records *His set all-time school records for scoring, assists and steals. His son Damien later on broke the records for assists and steals. *Some of his Awards/Achievements were the San Fransico Bay area Entrepreneur,Learder ship award from San Francisco and the NCCCP Impact Citizen of the year award. He was awarded one of the ten most influential African Americans in the Bay area.

  9. Facts about Ken Carter *Ken Cater had seven sisters and one brother. *He had a drug problem when he was was younger but quickly turned around for good. *He was married before he was even out of high school. *He moved to Richmond Ca. from Mississippi after they had there son. *He wrote a book called “ Yes ma’am,no sir”,” The 12 essential steps for success for life.

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