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Top Tips for Decorating Your Condo PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Tips for Decorating Your Condo

Top Tips for Decorating Your Condo

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Top Tips for Decorating Your Condo

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  1. Top Tips for Decorating Your Condo

  2. Whether you've just purchased a condo because you're downsizing, moving out on your own for the first time or you simply like the freedom that a smaller space affords, deciding how to furnish your new home is probably one of the next items on your to-do list. Choosing furniture and appliances for your new space can be very exciting, but some people also find decorating a small space a bit stressful.

  3. How can you maximize your living space without making it cluttered? What are some great ways to achieve the look and function you want and need in your condo without breaking the bank? Maximum Effect, Minimal Space Furniture with Storage: Making the most of the space you have is the key to decorating a cozy yet uncluttered condo.

  4. Storage is always a challenge with smaller homes, so choose furniture that has room to stow your belongings. Beds with built-in drawers in the bedroom, coffee tables and ottomans with hidden storage in the living room, as well as cabinets with shelves and drawers in the dining room keep 'stuff' out of sight and help you stay organized.

  5. Multipurpose Pieces: In addition to furniture with built-in storage, choosing pieces that are multi-purpose can also help reduce the amount of furniture you need. Sofa beds and ottoman coffee tables are two good examples. Kitchen Appliances: If you're going to be choosing appliances for the kitchen, remember that compact refrigerators and dishwashers, smaller sinks, and wall ovens can go a long way in terms of providing you with the function you need without overwhelming the space.

  6. If you're looking for a large selection of brand name products at affordable prices, the best place to buy appliances in Toronto is Leon's. Colour Schemes: Making your condo appear larger than it is comes down to a colour scheme that's light and airy. Choose lighter shades for the walls and furniture and incorporate bolder or brighter colours through accent pieces and art work.

  7. Working with Full-Length Windows One of the greatest features of many condos is that full-length windows can help make the space seem larger with all of the natural light that they allow. They can, however, pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to decorating. Anchor all that glass with your sofa, backed by a sofa table. A nice set of drapes will also provide stylish privacy, when you want it.

  8. Decorating on a Budget Moving into a condo from a larger home may mean that you need to purchase some furniture and/or appliances that are a better fit for your new, more compact space. The good news is that you can find and buy the furnishings and appliances you need at a price that suits your budget. If you're looking for quality yet affordably priced pieces that offer the style and function you're looking for, the best place to buy furniture is Leon's.

  9. Remember, with a little careful planning, even those who own tiny condos can live large.