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Xiao Jianmin Rainforest Alliance Program China Office

Promoting Trading of Legal and Sustainable Wood Through Third Party Certification/Verification. Xiao Jianmin Rainforest Alliance Program China Office. www.cfcn.cn Tel: (010)62889719 E-mail:xiaojm@caf.ac.cn. Topics. 1. Rainforest Alliance Rainforest Alliance Program China

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Xiao Jianmin Rainforest Alliance Program China Office

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  1. Promoting Trading of Legal and Sustainable Wood Through Third Party Certification/Verification Xiao Jianmin Rainforest Alliance Program China Office www.cfcn.cn Tel: (010)62889719 E-mail:xiaojm@caf.ac.cn

  2. Topics 1 • Rainforest Alliance • Rainforest Alliance Program China • Promoting Trading of Legal and Sustainable Wood Through Third Party Certification/Verification 2 4 5

  3. Rainforest Alliance

  4. Rainforest Alliance Mission - Protect ecosystems and communities by fostering better conservation and business practices. 1 • FFounded 1987 • LLocated in New York, USA • FFocus on sustainability • FForestry, Agriculture, Tourism & Education Divisions • IIn Forestry: TREES & SW 2 4 5 6

  5. Rainforest Alliance 1 2 4 5 6

  6. Rainforest Alliance Program China

  7. Rainforest Alliance Program China Project : Capacity building for responsible forestry in China • TREES: Program of RA Forestry Division • 3-year training initiative on Certification • Innovative capacity-building Project objectives: • Build awareness of responsible forest management & certification • Build awareness of the requirements of Chain of Custody certification • Carry our forest certification training, including legal origin

  8. Our Services • Establishment of information and training platform: Chinese Forest Certification internet ( www.cfcn.cn ) • Professional and comprehensive information service • Online training system • Certified company and market information publishment

  9. Our Services • Forest certification training and extension service • compiling and providing Training material • Holding specific and general workshop • Providing specific service according client’s requirement

  10. Our Services • Market liaison and information service • Database of certified company • Certified material supply and demand • Certified product application and extension

  11. Our Services • Training contents • FM certification • COC certification • Auditor skill • Certification label use • Certification standard • Certification preparation and application • Assessment process • Certification cases

  12. Promoting Trading of Legal and Sustainable Wood Through Third Party Certification/Verification

  13. information Third Party Certification/Verification Third party certification/verification is necessary to make sure the legal origin of the timber. Let me to verify it. Certification Body Client Producer

  14. 1 • Verification of Legal Origin (VLO) • Chain of Custody • Controlled Wood 2 4 5 6

  15. Verification of Legal Origin • SmartWood Program has developed a Generic Standard for Verification of Legal Origin (VLO) that shall be applied upon request by companies or organizations requesting verification services for 3rd party independent auditing. • This standard is generic in nature and will be adapted for the laws, regulations, acts and decrees of each country where the standard is applied.

  16. Verification of Legal Origin • Principle 1: Legal Right to Harvest • Clear, documented and unchallenged legal registration of company with authorization for specific activities shall exist. • Company shall have authorization to harvest in the forest management unit. • Evidence shall exist that the forest management area is legally classified for the type of land-use or commercial activities conducted.

  17. VLO Standard • Principle 2: Approved Planning Authorizations • If legally required, a forest management plan shall be approved by the relevant authorities. • Annual operating or harvest plans shall be approved by relevant authorities. • If legally required, Environmental or Social Impact Assessments shall be prepared.

  18. VLO Standard • Principle 3: Payment of Fees and Taxes Required to Maintain Rights • All applicable and legally prescribed fees, royalties, taxes and other charges shall be paid. • Clear and documented evidence of past and present payments shall exist. • Acknowledgement of receipt of royalties, fees and dues by beneficiaries shall exist.

  19. VLO Standard • Principle 4. Fulfillment of Harvesting Regulations • Evidence of compliance with local and national laws and legally-binding codes of practice relating to forest management and harvesting operations shall be provided. • Evidence of compliance with forest management plan requirements. • Evidence of compliance with annual operating plan or harvest plan.

  20. VLO Standard • Principle 5: Fulfillment of Environmental Regulations • Required obligations and mitigation efforts of the environmental impact assessment shall be implemented or demonstrated. • All legally required procedures for surveying, managing and protecting endangered or threatened species within the management unit shall be followed. • Unless legally permitted, employees of the company shall be prohibited from commercial hunting and trade in wildlife.

  21. VLO Standard • Principle 6. Fulfillment of Social Regulations • The forest management organization or contractors shall meet all applicable laws and/or regulations covering health and safety of employees and their families. • All employees of the forest management organization or contractors shall be under contract (as required) and shall be paid and treated in conformity with national regulations. • Legally recognized customary user rights shall be taken into account in management of forest resources. • Where notification of stakeholders affected by forest operations is legally required, timely announcements shall be made about planned activities.

  22. VLO Standard • Principle 7. Control of Unauthorized Activities • Illegal or unauthorized activities that may occur within or through the forest shall be identified. • Illegal or unauthorized activities shall be controlled, where appropriate in collaboration with other parties including regulatory agencies.

  23. VLO Standard • Principle 8. Legally Traded • Compliance with the applicable provisions and requirements of CITES – the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wilde Fauna and Flora. shall be demonstrated. • Evidence of compliance with requirements in relation to the transportation of forest products shall be demonstrated. • Timber processing facilities shall hold the appropriate licenses and comply with required laws and regulations. • Exportation shall meet any nationally defined restrictions or limitations.

  24. Chain of Custody • FM Certification • The lowest requirement of validity • compliance with laws, regulations and FSC principles • Other standard in environment, social and economy • Chain of Custody Certification • Through independent certification to make sure the timber is come from well-managed forest. • Identify the certified product and uncertified.

  25. Chain of Costudy • Input of FSC Product Categories should be one of the following at least: • FSC-Pure • FSC-Mixed • Controlled • Post-consumer reclaimed • Other reclaimed To make sure the validity of the material!

  26. Controlled Wood • Company complies w/FSC-STD-40-005 • Forest origin known (to the district level) • Risk assessment done on forest origin • Supplier declaration confirming origin for each shipment (to district level) • Supplier declaration confirming wood is Controlled (per the FSC definition)

  27. Purchasing Controlled Wood, con’t • wood harvested from forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated; • wood harvested from non FSC-certified forest areas having high conservation values which are threatened; • wood harvested from genetically modified trees; • illegally harvested wood; • wood from natural forest areas that have been converted to plantations or non-forest use

  28. SmartWood Services • Multi-service in certification and verification: • FSC FM&CoC • Verification of Legality • Verification of Controlled Wood • Verfication of HCVF

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