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Dr. Craig J. Petrun Dr. Thomas R. Janson Brian Diamond Arlington, VA

The Many Faces of GroupSystems: Technology Assisted Meeting (TeAM) Services @ PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dr. Craig J. Petrun Dr. Thomas R. Janson Brian Diamond Arlington, VA. March 28, 2000. Agenda. Review the PwC utilization of TeAM Services

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Dr. Craig J. Petrun Dr. Thomas R. Janson Brian Diamond Arlington, VA

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  1. The Many Faces of GroupSystems:Technology Assisted Meeting (TeAM) Services @ PricewaterhouseCoopers Dr. Craig J. Petrun Dr. Thomas R. Janson Brian Diamond Arlington, VA March 28, 2000

  2. Agenda • Review the PwC utilization of TeAM Services • Examine the strategy for growth within PwC and its organizational implications • Provide specific applications of TeAM Services • NASA • VA • PwC Midwest Business Unit Annual Partner Meeting

  3. TeAM Services during FY’99

  4. American Diabetes Association American Home Products American Society of Association Executives Banco Itau -- Sao Paulo, Brazil California Public Employees’ Retirement System Caterpillar Concert Communications Duracell Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve Bank Intelligence Agencies Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Motorola National Aeronautics and Space Administration Reckitt & Coleman Small Business Administration Social Security Administration Sony TCI Cable U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Department of Commerce U.S. Department of Defense U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of the Treasury U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs U.S. Postal Service VEBA Electronics World Bank FY ‘99: External Client Activities External Projects

  5. Management Consulting Services (cont’d) Washington Consulting Practice A&FCM Financial Advisory Services Human Resources Marketing Process Improvement Strategic Change Technology Solutions Ascendant Rollout Tax and Legal Services Global Leadership Human Resources Assurance and Business Advisory Services Global Risk Management Solutions Center for Automotive Excellence Management Consulting Services Global Marketing Center of Excellence Americas EMEA Learning and Professional Development Americas Leadership PI Global Capabilities Managers SC Global Capabilities Managers EMEA Leadership Global Leadership Midwest Business Unit Annual Partner Meeting Energy Practice East Business Unit Telecommunication Leadership West Business Unit Software Selection FY ‘99: Internal Client Activities Internal Projects - PwC

  6. FY ‘99: Utilization Rate of Assets FY ‘99 Cumulative Utilization Rate: EMC - 48% Equipment - 97% Note: Values shown in percentages

  7. FY ‘99: Utilization Rate of Personnel 48%

  8. FY ‘99: Technology Tools • Expansion of current GroupSystems assets • Increase from 2 to 5 servers • Increase from 40 to 110 workstations • Upgrade to latest version of GroupSystems • Conversion from Novell to Windows NT operating system • Increased usage of Team ExpertChoice • 300 Wireless Keypads, 4 Receiver Stations • Infusion of Centra Symposium • An enterprise learning and collaboration system that enables real-time teamwork and training over the Web

  9. TeAM Services Summary - Potential Growth

  10. TeAM Services Concept of Operations I. Build effective and efficient operating structure • Integrate and compliment GroupWare technology within WCP (Fair Lakes and Arlington) • Upgrade and add meeting supportive tools and software in accordance with market trends and firm strategy to provide leading edge technology solutions • Establish an integrated scheduling system • Develop an aggressive pricing strategy model and billing system

  11. TeAM Services Concept of Operations II. Develop roll-out strategy for TeAM Services • Establish effective marketing strategy • Institute training programs for facilitators and technical facilitators Roll-out targets: • WCP • Business Units within MCS Americas Theater • Across multiple Lines of Service

  12. Organizational Options Managing Partner Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Administrative Officer PIC of Industry Markets PIC of Service Delivery PIC of Service Markets PIC of Human Resources Human Resources Office Operations IMT's SMT/IMT Integration SMT's Contracts & Finance Knowledge Management SAM Partner Affairs Accounting Strategic Communications Risk Management/ QA Billing & Collections Marketing & Creative Services CLM Financial Reporting Relationship Mgmt. Programs PwC Endowment Contracts/Compliance Technology Support

  13. TeAM Services Organizational Chart

  14. What’s the Bottom Line? • TeAM Services allows PwC and its clients to gain a competitive advantage in bringing new information, products, and services to the marketplace • TeAM Services has enabled new sales opportunities across a variety of industries • TeAM Services is a revenue center

  15. Application Illustration @ PwC National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  16. Scenario Planning and Systems Development Agenda • Session Objectives • Meeting Preparation • Meeting structure, assumptions and considerations • Review GS Agenda • Lessons Learned

  17. Scenario Planning and GS • Session Objectives and Structure • Day 1: Review current Life Cycle status • Day 2: Develop recommendations for a new set of Application Systems Release Schedule • Current schedule not attainable • No room for error in next recommended schedule • Must use combination of GS and non-GS during session

  18. Review of Preparation Process • Developed approach with client • 4 meetings, 30 hours of Prep • Developed Scenarios, Planning Assumptions • Prepared the participant (1st time users) • Conduct Pilot walkthrough

  19. Preparation - Develop Scenarios • S1: Site release schedules remains the same but implementation dates can be changed • S2: Site release order can change and schedule implementation dates can change • S3: Site release can change and implementation dates can change. Project end date can Change • S4: Release 1 Module can be unbundled. Project end date can change.

  20. GroupSystems Approach Agenda • End of Day 1 - Topic Commenter • Capture questions not answered by Vendor • Additional Info. / questions for Agency • General concerns about project and meeting • Morning of Day 2 • Review and answer Day 1 questions • Review Assumptions and annotate

  21. Meeting Approach - Day 2 • Review & Rate importance of each assumption to schedule (Not done - All were critical) • Discuss scenarios - Capture Pros/Cons (Categorizer) • Small group exercises • Develop new schedule based on current assumptions and considerations • Keep track of any changes to assumptions • Identify pros/cons of new schedule • Each group presents overview of new schedule • Each individual Site, using yellow stickies, identifies questions and concerns with new re-plan schedule

  22. Meeting Approach - Day 2 (cont’d) • Small group exercise - take into account new information and revise plans and schedules • Present new schedule and assumptions • Vote - For each scenario, each Site assesses the ability to hit that schedule if that scenario becomes reality for each: • Site Managers • Project team members only • Confidence that vendor can support scenario • Discuss and Next Steps • New Scenario created which impacts all scenarios

  23. Meeting Approach - Day 2 (the end) • Create new scenarios & rank order scenarios by risk of failure to the Agency • (4+3), (4+2), (4+1), 3, 2, 1 • Schedules with Scenario 4 were preferred but major assumption not (unbundling) confirmed • Final Vote:Rank Order without scenario 4 • Meeting Wrap-up

  24. Scenario Planning - Lessons Learned • Preparation, as always, the key to success • Flexibility during the session a must • Proper mix of GroupSystems and small group work critical to long meetings • Use of voting tools to surface issues and new ideas • Stick to the times on the Agenda, but not necessarily the order

  25. Application Illustration @ PwC US Department of Veterans Affairs

  26. Agenda • Session Objectives • Meeting Preparation • Set HR LINK$ Goals/Objectives • Review GS Agenda • Lessons Learned

  27. Department of Veterans Affairs • Over 200 sites in U.S. and overseas • Veterans Health Administration • Veterans Benefit Administration • National Cemetery Administration • 230,000 employees

  28. Change Drivers • 30 year old legacy system • GAO Report • Budget Cuts

  29. Transformation Decision • One VA • Transform HR and Payroll functions • HR LINK$

  30. HR LINK$ Goals • Provide Customers with Excellent HR/Payroll Services at a Competitive Cost • Push Transaction Processing to the Lowest Appropriate Level • Maximize Use of Technology and COTS Products to Automate Current Manual Process and Eliminate Paper • Optimally Reengineer HR/Payroll Service Delivery Processes and Standardize as Appropriate • Move HR from “Gate Keeper” to Strategic Partner

  31. HR LINK$ Delivery Model • Self Service (Employee and Manager) • Shared Service Center • On Site Strategic Presence

  32. Self Service Work Personal Computer VA Workforce Amy 123-45-6789 PIN #1234 Shared Service Center Topeka, KS • Technology Platform • PeopleSoft • TALX (IVR, Desktop) • LOTUS Notes/HTML • Info Warehouse • Coho Casting 1-800 Number Front End IVR Tier 2 HR Specialist Tier 1 Customer Service Rep Tier 3 Expert

  33. Strategic Site Presence VA REGIONAL/AREA OFFICES HR/Payroll CONSULTANTS NATIONAL CEMETERY OFFICES STRATEGIC PARTNERS • Outputs: • Staffing Strategy • Position Management Options • Performance Improvement Advice • Union Contract Issues • Succession Planning • Training VA CENTRAL OFFICE VA MEDICAL CENTERS • Outcomes: • Value Added Activities • Mission Driven Organization • Less Focus on Administrative Issues VA WORK FORCE

  34. Agenda - Develop Business Case • Identify Subject Matter Experts • Develop GroupSystems Agenda • Convene Meeting

  35. Business Case Methodology • Confirm HR and Payroll activities • Allocate current FTE to activities • Confirm new delivery model • Identify impact on each activity • Continue or not • Automate

  36. Business Case • Transforms Nature of HR/Payroll Service Delivery • Reduces Overhead by 30-40% • Increases Servicing Ratio From 1:73 to 1:125 • Produces Cost Savings of $90-127M (equals 1080-1439 FTE From the 3500 FTE Performing These Functions When Project Began on 9/30/95) • Presents Franchising Opportunity

  37. Lessons Learned: A Small Problem • Government shut-down • Snow storm • E-mail storm • Repeat with critics

  38. Application Illustration @ PwC PwC Midwest Business Unit Annual Partner Meeting

  39. PwC: Business Planning Meeting Agenda • Session Objectives and Structure • Meeting Preparation and Considerations • Review Tool Set Approach • Lessons Learned

  40. PwC: Approach • Session Objective • Business Planning for the New Millennium • Structure • Part 1: Discuss, brainstorm, and prioritize “Go to Market” ideas (SG) • Part 2: Present and clarify ideas (LG) • Part 3: Confirm and analyze top recommendations to leadership committee (LG)

  41. PwC: Review of Preparation Process • Developed and scripted approach with session facilitator and project team • Built framework within tools for each phase of the session • Prepared responsibilities for each participant • Simulated session development and outcomes • Reviewed roles and responsibilities with key participants (table facilitators and scribes)

  42. PwC: Preparation - Considerations • Considerations for effectively integrating the tool set that enable participants to generate value added material: • Number of participants involved • Size of the room • Time frame constraints • Necessity to incorporate over 80 participants in an engaging activity

  43. PwC: Tool Set Approach • Part 1 - GroupSystems (Categorizer) • Introduction • Review exercise and goals of session • Familiarize participants to tools • Identify and clarify roles and responsibilities of table facilitators and scribes • Small group exercise • Discuss and brainstorm “Go to Market” ideas • Input and develop ideas within group’s bucket (Categorizer) • Prioritize ideas and prepare presentation of top 2 ideas

  44. PwC: Tool Set Approach - Logistics • (8 people per table) x (10 tables) = ~80 participants Table Facilitator Scribe This is so much fun!!

  45. PwC: Tool Set Approach • Part 2 - GroupSystems (Categorizer) • Each group presents overview of top two “Go to Market” ideas • Necessity to commence voting with clear and distinct ideas

  46. PwC: Tool Set Approach • Part 3 - Team ExpertChoice (Questionnaire & Brainstorming) • Review ideas in entirety (16 ideas) • Proceed through individual voting Vote for N items (Note: Limit set at 4) • Discuss outcome and next steps • Identify how these ideas will impact the upcoming business plan

  47. PwC: Lessons Learned • Productive use of GroupSystems and Team ExpertChoice to keep large group engaged • Preparation a necessity to ensure success • Application of voting tools to quickly surface issues with energy and to create buy in • Necessity for trained facilitators at each table • Flexibility to conform to group needs

  48. Questions and Answers

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