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Your future in Travel and Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Your future in Travel and Tourism

Your future in Travel and Tourism

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Your future in Travel and Tourism

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  1. Your future in Travel and Tourism

  2. From Students…. • Were do I get the experience that the job ads are asking for? • I can offer my research paper/final study paper to a particular sector but they are still not interested – how can I make myself more of an attractive proposition? • We just don’t know where to start! • I need a chance to prove myself, I am motivated, educated and ready for work! • Is a degree/my qualification valuable to the travel industry? • Why are there so few Grad/trainee schemes with travel but lots with Hospitality?

  3. Graduates shun travel Industry Travel employers urged to support graduates Travel “should be embarrassed” by failure to support graduates Lack of professionalism deterring graduates

  4. Recommendations – Danielle Boddy First - International Travel management, Brighton Take placement year, as I believe the experience gained was invaluable. It  also demonstrates to an prospective employer you have shown commitment and that you  have practical knowledge as well as theoretical. A lot of students upon leaving university approach the large tour operators or airlines for a position, and perhaps overlook smaller, or less consumer known, or niche organisations, however it is vital to keep an open mind. Keep abreast of the trade papers and other communications, go to trade fairs – World Travel Market, Business Travel Show and find out more about individual companies. Keep a positive outlook when job hunting, keep at it and go after the job that you really want. The Employer Part of Advantage Travel Neil Armorgie Director We chose to take a graduate on as we wanted to bring fresh ideas to our business and have someone who did not join us with preconceived ideas or a blinkered view on the industry. Someone who would connect with our way of doing business and whom we could shape and help develop.

  5. From the Employers… • Give us the graduates, we cant find them • We want the BEST people • I need life experience • I want people who have a work ethic • It’s a competitive world and expectations must be set correctly • You can move fast in this industry but you have to start somewhere • Keeping up with industry news is really important • Think carefully about location

  6. From us… • Give yourself a winning chance • What was your final paper/case study about? • What work and life experience have you gained while at university/college? • Which companies have your researched? • What would you LIKE to do? • Who would you LIKE to work for? • How do you keep up with the industry ? • Enhance and monitor your own interpersonal skills • Be realistic

  7. What jobs are out there? • Travel Consultants • Retail Travel Agents • Business Travel Consultants • Yield controller • Rail Supervisor • Customer Service Agents • Operations Executive • Product Manager • Cruise Consultant • Long Haul specialist • Air services agent • Flight only specialist • Call centre sales support • Travel recruitment consultant • Hotel Contractor • HR Assistant • Marketing Executive • Telesales consultants • Foreign exchange agent • Events and meetings coordinator • Commercial executive • Cabin Crew • Groups Sports Consultant • Travel Trainer • Galileo Ticketer • Sales support coordinator

  8. Who to contact? Email your CV to: Make sure there is a covering letter to help us, this should include your location, your wants and needs as well as what you would and would not like to do. Do this a couple of months before you graduate Enhance your CV with a personal profile, relevant experience and what your course demanded of you. Its really important to highlight any “additional” work that you did while studying