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Public International Law PowerPoint Presentation
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Public International Law

Public International Law

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Public International Law

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  1. Public International Law

  2. Sources of Public Int’l Law: • Treaties and other international agreements • Custom • General principles of law • Judicial decisions and teachings of qualified publicists

  3. Key Texts in International Law • Brownlie, Principles of Public International Law • Oppenheim, International Law • Shaw, International Law Remember you can do author/title searches in GAVEL

  4. Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law older editions in print in Law Library

  5. Source: Treaties • Resources: • Bluebook lists official and unofficial cites • depends on whether U.S. is a party and number of parties • use treaty indexes and databases to get citations • databases: TIARA, UN Treaties, Westlaw & Lexis • Web resources: Tufts, ENTRI, EISIL, Hein Online, etc.



  8. Treaties in Force online at or via Hein Onlineor LLMC Digital name date citations Check Bluebook for Rules re each element

  9. important resources for recent & pending treaties


  11. Hein Online Treaties and Agreements library

  12. Treaties & International Agreements Online especially good for treaties where U.S. is party Convention on wetlands linked from Research Resources page currently not available off-campus

  13. Treaties and Int’l Agreements Online

  14. free

  15. Use this to determine when adopted or concluded, who has signed and/or ratified and when, who has denounced, when it entered into force, any declarations or reservations, and more

  16. Click book icon to jump to full text citation 189 UNTS 137

  17. EISIL it!

  18. EISIL seeks most authoritative and stable online source

  19. The EISIL record provides useful info: citation, link to online sources, description, etc.

  20. Hein Online: not just law reviews! Many international law resources, including treaties

  21. Linked from Law Library’s Research Resources

  22. Contains official pubs, unofficial pubs, indexes, related docs

  23. Collection of bilateral and multilateral treaties from 1648-1919

  24. Categories reflect early emphasis on env’t but now includes more


  26. Travaux Préparatoires • the preparatory work (or "legislative history") of a treaty • often used for the purpose of interpreting the treaty

  27. sources for travauxpréparatoires • Check GAVEL: keyword search the name of the treaty and (travauxor preparatory orcongress or history or negotiations or negotiating history), etc. • Treaty documents collected by an international organization • international conference web sites • Yearbooks of international law

  28. GlobaLex has a good guide to finding travauxpréparatoires

  29. National Treaty Law and Practice series Title search in GAVEL Volumes for additional countries forthcoming

  30. Frequently-cited Treaties and Other International Instruments but you have access through UGA

  31. Source: Custom • Resources: your objective is to find evidence of state practice • records of state’s foreign relations • domestic court decisions • domestic legislation • resolutions, declarations of int orgs

  32. Where do I find these types of evidence? • documents on foreign or int’l relations • digests, e.g. Digest of United States Practice in International Law • repertories of practice • yearbooks • International Legal Materials • Web - State Department and corollaries in other countries

  33. Digests of Int’l Law digest and international law

  34. Sample search in GIL at Main Library foreign documents canada relations diploma? repertory (foreign and documents and canada) and (relations or diploma? or repertory)

  35. Sources of State Practice in Int’l Law KZ64 .S67 (basement)

  36. references to: • treaty collections • sources of diplomatic documentation • other materials that shed light on customary state practice in international law, including yearbooks and digests • relevant web sites • Currently covers 15 jurisdictions with plans to add more.

  37. Oxford Reports on International Law