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OEM Kawasaki Motorbike Parts in Coffs Harbour

Coffs City Moto stock genuine parts and accessories for Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki Coffs Harbour bikes. You can even buy the very best aftermarket accessories.

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OEM Kawasaki Motorbike Parts in Coffs Harbour

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  1. Aftermarket or OEM Kawasaki Motorbike Parts Coffs Harbour? Source: kawasaki-motorbike-parts-coffs-harbour-7bd273540ad1 medium.com/@levijones130/aftermarket-or-oem-

  2. One of the toughest things for bike owners is to select spare pieces and accessories for their bikes. The reason is the presence of a huge plethora of providers who have a never-ending range to offer. To simplify the things, those looking for Kawasaki motorbike parts Coffs Harbour should stick to one rule, i.e. selecting one between OEM and Aftermarket pieces. Once you have this much selection to make, you’ll be in a better condition to pick one from. But this also not easy as there are several things and points that you should know about these categories. In this post, we take a look at some of the most important points. Knowing everything about OEM Knowing everything about OEM The term OEM stands for ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS and they don’t generally are the original manufacturer’s products. They can also be manufactured by third party manufacturers appointed by the original manufacturer to manufacture on their behalf. These products are sold only after they pass the strict QC standards, parameters, etc. set by the original manufacturer. If fail to pass the test, in that case too, they are sold in the markets, but not under the tag of OEM and the original manufacturer has no liability of these products.

  3. Things you should know before buying OEM Things you should know before buying OEM Kawasaki parts Queensland parts Queensland Kawasaki motorbike motorbike When you buy an OEM piece, you actually buy the exact replica of the component already installed in your machine from a company to which your bike belongs. This would mean that – It will perform same as the component, previously installed in your Kawasaki bike was performing. It would not be better, nor it would be worse and hence, you’ll experience virtually the same performance. They are generally more expensive than the others present in the markets. You’ll be told all the time by the company that OEM pieces are always the best for your used motorcycles. However, the fact is completely different from what is being told to you. Remember those that failed to pass the QC test of the company? They are actually sold in the markets as an Aftermarket OEM. You should definitely buy only OEM products being sold by the company, if your Kawasaki bike is still under the warranty period. All the warranties, guarantees would become void if you used any other kind than OEM. For used motorcycles, you have the alternative of selecting any kind, but considering safety, you should first trust upon OEM and then, the Aftermarket OEM.

  4. Aftermarket par Aftermarket parts ts Their biggest attribute is that they can perform well or even better than the OEM one’s. The only reason why they are sold as aftermarket OEM is that they failed to pass the QC tests performed by the company. You are free to use them in your machine, once the warranty is over because they are as good as OEM, being made by the same manufacturer. They are normally cheaper than OEM and sometimes up to 70% cheaper!

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