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To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird

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  1. To Kill A Mockingbird Expository Essay

  2. What is an expository essay? • Investigating an idea and presenting an argument concerning that idea in a clear, concise manner and using examples • The structure of this essay is held together by your thesis statement • It is essential that the thesis is clearly states the ideas that will be presented in your paper

  3. What do I need to do? • Heading – MLA • Original Title • Thesis Sentence – 1st paragraph, last sentence • Clear and logical transitions between paragraphs • Body paragraphs that include evidentiary support (quotes) • Conclusion that readdresses the topic in the paper and restates the thesis

  4. DO NOT • Make a title page for your paper • Double space between the title and first line of text • Add extra space between paragraphs • Use 1st person in this essay • this is a formal essay

  5. MLA Formatting • Modern Language Association • Used for the humanities (LA and Hist/SS) • Paper Format: • 1” margins on all sides • 12pt font, Times New Roman • Original Title • 1st line of paragraphs indented one ½ inch from left margin (one tab key) • Header on top – single spaced • Last name and page numbers in upper right hand corner– omitting page number on first page

  6. Thesis Statements • A good thesis statement • Prepares the audience for what they will read about in your paper • Makes a specific case in attempts to prove something • Includes the title of the work and the author • Ask yourself: • What is the theme? • How is it revealed?

  7. Thesis Example • Example: • The Necklace • What is the theme? • Valuing appearances and material objects will lead to misery and hardship • How is it revealed? • Madame Loisel’s obsession with being rich leads to her losing everything • Thesis statement: • In The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant, Madame Loisel’s obsession with being rich reveals that valuing appearances and material objects will lead to misery and hardship.

  8. Topic Sentence • States the main point of a paragraph – a mini thesis for that paragraph • Example: • Paragraph 1: Madame Loise’s belief that she was destined to be rich caused her to be unhappy with her lifestyle • Paragraph 2: Madame Loisel’s jealousy drove her to become consumed by her appearance • Paragraph 3: Madame Loisel’s pride prevented her from admitting the truth about the lost necklace

  9. Body Paragraphs • Each body paragraph should represent an idea from your thesis statement • Each paragraph must have a clear, focused point which is set forth with a topic sentence • Must flow from the paragraph before to the paragraph after

  10. Structure of a Body Paragraph • Write a topic sentence that helps support an idea in your thesis statement • Do not say “in this paragraph I will explain” or “this paragraph will show” • Provide an example from the text • Support this example with a relevant quote • Explain what the quote means and how it relates to the novel • Without saying “this quote says/means/is explaining/etc.” • Elaborate on remaining details • Write a concluding sentence